Ejercicios de Repaso

1. Coloca según corresponda Before, Behind, Below o Beneath:

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1)We are 8 meters the surface of the water
2)Matilda stood her
3)They thought she had married her
4)We are in danger, stay me
5)The shoes are my bed
6)A colonel is a brigadier general
7)I have to rest dinner
8)I saw an ufo the mountains
9)I will arrive you
10)You are me
11)The airport is the mountains
12)In Africa many people live the poverty line
13)I am you in History
14)The spectators were him all the match
15)He was running Mike all the race
16)The grocery is the pub
17)My boyfriend is just my house
18)Outside the temperature is zero
19)I must be there 5 o’clock
20)As I walked I felt the warm sand my feet
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2. Coloca según corresponda Beside, Besides, Between, Beyond o By:

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1)She is me
2)She paid us the hour
3)We were married 2010 and 2012
4)We played basket tennis
5)My car is two motorbikes
6)I always have a coin me
7)She has bought a cottage the sea
8)My house is the pub
9)She sat me at the train
10)The hotel is the disco
11)The town continues the bridge
12)It was done Jack
13)The castle is your means
14) me nobody bougth the cd
15)They had to choose a big house and a little house with swimmingpool
16)He will be at home 1:00 pm and 4 pm.
17)She is clever you
18)She usually works day
19)I am Manuel and Clara
20)It’s very difficult to predict the weather 7 days
21)Who is blonde here, you?
22)I don't speak english two or three words
23)There is a tree the flowers
24)He was herself
25)There was no one there me
26)The students were aged 10 and 12
27)The cat is me
28)I like to go to the mountain night
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