“Beyond” puede funcionar como preposición, adverbio o sustantivo. A continuación analizamos su uso como preposición.

1.- Preposición de lugar: Más allá de un lugar, a mayor distancia que algo, al otro lado de


The globes will fly beyond the mountains


This street continues beyond the Museum

My school is beyond this park

That village is situated beyond those mountains

The new supermarket is situated beyond the bridge

The music of this new group is already known beyond Spain

With that new telescope you can see far beyond the Solar System

You can watch the Sun going down beyond the horizon


2.- Preposición de tiempo: Más allá de un tiempo determinado

It’s very difficult to predict the weather beyond 5 days

Probably the new tunnel will be opened beyond August

I’m sure she will arrive beyond 13 o`clock

The new alliance between these two parties won’t last beyond two years


3.- Otros significados:

3.1.- Sobrepasar, exceder

That exam was beyond him (era demasiado difícil para él)

This washing machine is in such bad condition that is beyond repair

What he told me is beyond doubt (fuera de duda)

The financial situation of this company is beyond control (fuera de control)

I find beyond belief her excuses for being late

The seriousness of his illness was far beyond we could imagine

Running a marathon was beyond his possibilities

You cannot buy that car; it is beyond your means (más allá de tus posibilidades)

The unemployment rate in Spain has risen beyond 20%

That couple split up because they couldn’t get beyond their differences


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What a fantastic car! But I’m afraid it is beyond our means


3.2.- Aparte de (se utiliza con oraciones negativas)

I have no personal possession beyond that old car

She didn’t speak French beyond some few words

I know nothing about the history of England beyond certain events

My brother has no income beyond what he earns as a tennis instructor

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