“After” puede funcionar como preposición (introduce a un sustantivo), adverbio (complementa el significado del verbo), adjetivo (califica a un sustantivo) o conjunción (conecta dos oraciones):

Prep.: The police arrived after the accident

Adv.: I moved to Madrid and my girlfriend came soon after

Adj.: This liqueur is served as an after-dinner drink

Conj.: I watched TV after I had done my homework

A continuación analizamos su uso como preposición.


1.- Preposición de tiempo: después de, tras

I want to speak with the teacher after the exam

We’ll leave the party after the speeches

We arrived after lunch

After the election the president left the party

We will play tennis after the dinner

I went to the post office after the breakfast

Peter left the company after 10 years there

The meeting will take place the day after tomorrow

The final will start after the speeches


2.- Preposición de lugar: detrás de, tras

You turn right just after the corner

A few metres after the bridge road ended

We get off at the station after Chester

The bank office is after the church


3.- Secuencia: detrás de

She slammed the door after her


4.- Detrás de, tras (en búsqueda / persecución)

The police ran after the thieve, but he escaped

He run after the bus but missed it

he finished his studies and now is after a job


5.- Debido a, como consecuencia, en consideración

My son should pass the exam after all he has studied

After all you have done you should apologise to your brother

After his lack of discipline he got expelled from school


6.- A continuación (indica repetición)

Day after day we worked in that project

One after the other came with the same excuse


7.- En honor / recuerdo de (nombrar a alguien en honor / recuerdo de otra persona)

He is called Peter after his father

That company is named Adamson after his founder


8.- En una posición posterior en una lista, en una relación, en un escrito…

D comes after C in the alphabet

Liverpool is after Manchester in the Premier

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