In a Coffee Shop

Lesson 9 – In a Coffee Shop


1.- Situation



2.- The Menu

A.     Read the menu and answer the questions below. 




1.      Which is the cheapest food item on the menu? (más barato)

2.      Which is the most expensive food item on the menu? (más caro)

3.      How many different salads are there?

4.      What does the Small Breakfast come with?

5.      What would you choose from the menu for a snack/breakfast? 




3.- Ordering food at the counter



B.     Answer the questions.

1.      What does Sarah order to eat?

2.      How many different juices does the coffee shop sell?

3.      How much is a small glass of juice?

4.      What does Sarah pay with?


4.- Waitress brings the order




5.- Language Bank 



Make conversations using the Language Bank.



6.- Practice

With the menu, practice answering these questions.

·         What can I get you?

·         Anything else? Something to drink?  

·         Would you like any ice?

·         Are you paying by credit card or with cash? 


Lesson 9 –Answers


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