Test 4

1.- Find 7 different types of films.

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2.- Write what you can see?

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1) bats
2) plants
3) monkey
4) cocodrile
5) bear
6) eagle
7) fox
8) gorilla
9) trees
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3.- Look and read.

Choose the correct words and write them in the gaps. You do not need to use all of the words.

A hairdresser / A teacher / A journalist / A vet

A photographer / A doctor / A fireman / A chef

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1)This person takes pictures of people or places. They always use a camara.
2)This person usually wears a uniform and works in a hospital.
3)This person teaches adults or children, and he or she usually works in a school or a college.
4)This person cooks food for people in restaurants. He or she often wears a special white hat.
5)This person looks after different animals when they do not feel very well.
6)This person cuts people´s hair. They usually work in a salon.
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4.- John is talking to his friend Mary.



Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-H) for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters.

A. Are you going to win?
B. At three o’clock I’m going to the cinema.
C. How many people are in the team?
D. Is your team going to wear special clothes?
E. I’m going to play football all day with my friends.
F. What time is your race?
G. What’s the name of your team?
H. Yeah, I know. Are you doing anything?

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sport day


5.- Write answers to the questions.

Please, use the suggestions in the right column to write your answer:

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1)What time do you wake up on Monday? 6:30am
2)What do you eat for breakfast? eggs
3)Do you get dressed before or after your breakfast? before
4)Do you have a shower in the morning or at night? morning
5)What time do you have lunch? 1:00pm
6)What time do you go to bed? 9:00pm
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6.- Read the diary and write the missing words.



Write one word in each gap.

Saturday 3rd September

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Last night I went to the cinema with my friends to see a science fiction film. We in the front row of the cinema. The seats were excellent. The film really long. It started at half past seven in the evening and at half past eleven! Whilst we watched the film, we popcorn and sweets. When the film finished, we went home. Tomorrow I to go to the cinema again, this time to watch a thriller. I love the cinema.
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7.- A man at the zoo gave the animals the wrong food to eat.

What did each animal eat today?

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8.- Audio script

Today the zoo keeper was ill and so John fed all the animals. Unfortunately, he gave all of the animals the wrong food! He gave George the gorilla a sandwich. George was not very happy. He gave Leo the Leopard an ice cream. Leo was not very happy either. He gave Simon the spider some bananas. Simon started to eat the bananas but he didn’t like them. Then he gave Mario the monkey some chips. Mario was very upset. He hates chips. When John went to feed the eagle, he decided to give him some vegetables. The eagle didn’t eat them. And then he gave Paul the panda some meat. Paul was very sad because he only eats vegetables. All of the animals in the zoo were left hungry when John fed them.


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