Have you ever...?

1.- Find the past participles of the verbs.

Play / Stay / Listen / Walk / Drink
Be / Eat / Fly / Draw

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2.- How to make past participles.

a) Regular verbs: Verb + ed


  • Play – Played
  • Listen – Listened
  • Watch – watched
  1. I have played tennis today.
  2. I have listened to music today.

b) Irregular verb: There aren’t any rules. You have to learn them!

  • Eat – Eaten
  • Drink – Drank
  • Fly – Flown
  • Draw – Drawn
  • Go – Gone
  • Be – Been
  • Make – Made
  • Buy – Bought
  1. I have been at home all day.
  2. I have eaten an apple and an orange.

3.- Look at the verbs and pictures and complete the questions.


Have you ever played (play) the piano?

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1)Have you ever in a ? hotel
2)Have you ever ? prawns
3)Have you ever a ? mountain
4)Have you ever a ? milkshake
5)Have you ever in an ? aeroplane
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4.- Answer the questions. Give your own answers.




Have you ever played (play) the piano? Yes, I have / No I haven’t

1. Have you ever been to France? _____________________
2. Have you ever watched a horror film? _____________________
3. Have you ever walked on the beach? _____________________
4. Have you ever eaten white chocolate? _____________________
5. Have you ever flown in a helicopter? _____________________


5.- Write 5 questions to ask a friend.

1. Have you ever _________________________________________?
2. Have you ever _________________________________________?
3. Have you ever _________________________________________?
4. Have you ever _________________________________________?
5. Have you ever _________________________________________?


6.- Look at the picture. Write yes or no.

credit card


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1)The woman with the long blonde hair is swimming in the sea.
2)The man who is wearing a hat is trying to pay by a credit card.
3)The boy and the girl in the picture are trying items of clothing.
4)The four balloons in the picture on the left hand side are all the same colour.
5)The man who is in the centre of the picture is wearing a shirt with stripes.
6)The hat the girls is trying on is bigger than the hat the man is wearing.
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Write three sentences about the picture.

7.- Chris is talking to his Dad about skiing.


Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-H) in the gaps. You do not need to use all of the letters.

A. I went with another person from school.
B. I really enjoy skiing in France. The ski resorts are really big there.
C. I’ve been skiing in France, Austria and Spain.
D. In Europe, the best time is in January or February.
E. No, I didn’t go last year.
F. No, never. She doesn’t really like skiing.
G. Yes, I have. I’ve been quite a few times.
H. Yes, of course. I think we should try and go next year.

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8.- Read the diary and write the missing words.



Write one word in each gap.

Wednesday 12th March

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I have done a lot of things today. So far, I have to the shops and I have some ingredients to make a cake. I have a cake with ingredients that I bought from the shop. I have my grandma who is in the hospital at the moment and I have given her the cake that I made. I have also a picture and I have to music. This afternoon I think I´m going to stay at home and watch a film.
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What have you done so far today? I have.....


9.- Lucy was in a hurry this morning and she left some things at home. Where did she leave all her things?

Listen and write a letter in each box.

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1.- Sandwich / 2.- Clarinet / 3.- Helmet / 4.- Lock / 5.- Trainers / 6.- Phone














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10.- Audio script

Oh no, I’ve left lots of things at home! I’ve left the sandwich I was going to eat for lunch in the fridge!

Today after school, I’ve got my music lesson, and I’ve left my clarinet in the wardrobe in my bedroom.

I was going to cycle home after school, but I can’t now, as I’ve left my cycle helmet in the garage, and I’ve left the lock to the bike on the shelf by the front door, and my trainers under my bed.

To make things worse, I’ve left my phone on the chair in my mum’s office. What a disaster I am today!


11.- Vocabulary


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