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jueves, 16 agosto 2018 español
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At work

1.- Look at the pictures and write the jobs

1)N nurse
2)P photograper
3)D dentist
4)C chef
5)F fireman
6)P police officer
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2.- Put the stages of the daily routine in order.


  • Brush your teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Go to bed
  • Have breakfast
  • Have dinner
  • Have lunch
  • Sleep
  • Wake up

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3.- Answer the questions. Write your own answers.

Please, use the suggestions in the right column to write your answer:

Please, use the suggestions in the right column to write your answer:

1)What time do you wake up every day? 7:00am
2)What time do you go to bed during the week? 9:00pm
3)What time do you go to bed at the weekend? 11:00pm
4)What do you usually have for breakfast? eggs and milk
5)What do you usually have for lunch? fish and meat
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4.- Look and read. Write yes or no.


1)The woman sitting next to the man in the green shirt looks unfriendly.
2)The man who is wearing the green shirt is drinking a hot drink?
3)The lady who is standing up has got a suitcase in her right hand.
4)The boy with the green t-shirt is looking at us.
5)The lady who is sitting down has the shortest hair in the picture.
6)Behind the woman wearing the while jacket, there is a man talking to a woman.
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5.- Alan is talking to his friend Dom about his mum’s job.



Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-H) for each answer. You do not need to use all of the letters.

A. By train, I think. It’s the fastest way.
B. It depends on the day, but usually at nine o’clock.
C. No, luckily not, so we went to the zoo together.
D. She likes that every day is different and that she meets a lot of new people.
E. She works at a dentist surgery in Liverpool.
F. She’s a dentist.
G. Yes, she works Monday to Friday and most Saturdays too.
H. Yes, we had lunch at two o’clock.

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6.- Read the text and write the missing words.

Write one word in each gap.



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7.- Read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story.

You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.


A busy day for Mark

It was Tuesday morning and Mark was at the police station waiting for someone to call through an emergency. Mark had been a policeman for four days now and he wanted to help people in danger. At half past twelve, the phone rang. Mark picked it up. “There’s an emergency, an old lady can’t get into her house, you have to help her”, the sergeant said to Mark.

Mark immediately got into his police car and went to the old lady’s house. The old lady was sitting on her front door step crying. “What’s wrong madam? “, Mark asked. “I can’t get into my house, I can’t find my keys”, the lady responded. Mark told the lady not to worry.

Mark walked around the house and into the lady’s garden. He saw a window open and managed to climb through. He walked through the lady’s house and opened the front door. The lady was so pleased! “Thank you, thank you officer!” she said.


1)On tuesday morning, Mark was waiting at
2)Mark had only been a policeman for
3)The sergeant rang mark to tell him couldn´t get into her house.
4)Mark went to the old lady´s house in
5)The old lady couldn´t find and was very upset.
6)Mark climbled through an open window and for the old lady.
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8.- Listen and write. There is one example.

Escucha la lección


My new Job

2)Will start on:
3)Will teach:
4)Classroom number:
5)Classroom is next to:
6)Colour of school uniform:
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9.- Audio script

On Thursday next week, I’m going to start my new job. I’m going to be a teacher at a primary school. I’m going to teach children. The children I’m going to teach are from 3 to 5 years old. I’m going to have my own classroom at the school. My classroom is number 37 and it’s next to the library. At the school, all of the children wear a school uniform. The uniform is green.

10.- Vocabulary


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