Alex¬īs trip to the jungle

1.- Write a, e, i, o, u.

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1)Bts bats
2)Grlla gorilla
3)Spdr spider
4)Lprd leopard
5)Pnd panda
6)Fx fox
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2.- Match the definitions.



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3- Match the present form of the verb with the past form of the verb.

Bring / Catch / Choose / Cut / Fall / Find / Forget / Hear
Run / See / Sleep / Swim

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Now learn the verbs!


4.- Alex tells his teacher Mrs Brown about his trip to the jungle.


Read the conversation and choose the best answer.

A. Did you sleep in the jungle?
B. How long did you go to South America for?
C. That sounds very exciting. What did you see in the jungle?
D. Were you afraid?
E. What did you do there?
F. What was your favourite animal?
G. When are you going to return to the jungle?
H. Where did you go during the summer holidays?

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5.- Now it’s your turn to write about your summer holidays.

Please, use the suggestions in the right column to write your answer:

Read the questions and write answers to the questions.

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1)Where did you go going your last summer holiday? Brazil
2)How long did you go to South America for? month
3)Did you have a good time? Yes
4)What did you do there? swimming
5)What was the best part of the trip? meet new friends
6)What was the worst part of the trip? falling off the bike with my new friend
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6.- Read the story.

Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or four words.




Alex’s trip to the jungle

My family and I woke up early on Saturday morning and we caught a bus to the beginning of the jungle. We met another 20 people at the meeting point, 5 kids and 15 adults, and we started to walk into the jungle. I was excited. I had never been to the jungle before.

As we got further into the jungle, we heard noises. They were coming from lots of different animals. They were speaking to each other. After two hours, we found a natural swimming pool. One man was very hot so he decided to swim in the pool, but immediately the guide stopped him by shouting, “Get out, there are crocodiles!” The man ran out of the pool and got dressed.

We walked for the rest of the day and then, at night we stopped at a campsite. We put up our tents and started a fire. There were more noises now that it was dark. I was a little scared. I didn’t sleep a lot that night.

The next day we started walking again and immediately we saw some gorillas in the trees. They were so big and beautiful. I took lots of pictures with my camera. Later that day, we also saw some chimpanzees.


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1)Alex and his family early on Saturday morning.
2)There were in total in the group.
3)When the group was walking in the jungle, they
4)One of the men in the group decided to swim
5)The group tents in the campsite.
6)The gorillas the group saw the next day were
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7.- Listen and draw lines.

Escucha la lección

Lilly / William / Sally / David

Sarah / George / Tony / Simon

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8.- Audio script

In the picture, you can see three tigers. Two small tigers and one big tiger. The biggest tiger is called George.

The tallest animal in the picture is Sally. She has a long black and yellow neck.

David is the elephant. He has a long grey trunk and pink and grey ears. In the picture, he is playing with the tree.

Simon is the green, red, white and yellow spotty snake. He is relaxing on the tree.

Tere are two birds sitting on one of the branches. The bird on the left is Tony. He’s got red and green feathers.

Lilly is the orange lion sitting in front of the elephant. She’s happy because today it’s her first birthday.


9.- Vocabulary


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