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domingo, 19 agosto 2018 español
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Last week at the cinema

1.- Look at the pictures. What type of film is it?

1)R romantic
2)C cartoon
3)W western
4)C comedy
5)S science fiction
6)H horror
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2.- Match the present form of the verb with the past form of the verb.

Ate / Bought / Came / Drank / Finished / Had / Sat
Was/were / Watched / Went / Started / Stopped

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3.- Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them in the gaps.

You do not need to use all of the words.

Popcorn / Biscuits / A drink / Trailers

Screen / Cinema / A ticket / Trailers

1)This is a place you go to watch films
2)You have to buy this if you want to go to the cinema or if you want to visit a museum
3)You can eat this when you watch a film. It can be sweet or salted
4)These are shown before the film begins. They show different films that are in the cinema or on DVD
5)You buy this if you are thirsty
6)You watch a film on this when you go to the cinema. It is square
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4.- Look and read. Write yes or no.



1)The four people sitting in the front row are all eating popcorn.
2)The girl in the middle is holding a box of popcorn.
3)The boy with the blonde hair who is sitting in the front row is sleeping.
4)The man in the front row with the brown hair is wearing a blue shirt with stripes.
5)The woman in the front row with the blonde hair is very sad.
6)The girl sitting in the front row has longer hair than the boy sitting in the front row.
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5.- Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets. All of the verbs are in the past simple.



Las week, I to the cinema with my friends. We a romantic film about a boy and a girl that fall in love.
Before the film we went to the shop in the cinema and we some popcorn and a large drink to share. We all the popcorn but we didn´t all the drink.
The film really good and I wolud recommend it to everyone.
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6.- Write your answer.

Please, use the suggestions in the right column to write your answer:

1)Where did you go last week? Last week I went to cinema, friends
2)What did you do last weekend? Last weekend I shopping
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7.- Read the story.

Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word in the gap.

lights / look / scared / door
kitchen / was / screamed

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Now choose a name for this story. Circle your answer.

(Double click to see the answer; click to return)




8.- Listen and write.

Escucha la lección

School trip to the cinema.

2)Type of film:
3)What time:
4)Bus number:
5)Cinema next to:
6)Colour of cinema:
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9.- Audio script

Ok, class, so on Friday afternoon we are going to go to the cinema in town to see a western film. The film starts at two o’clock and we will need to take the 342 bus to get there which leaves outside the school. The cinema we are going to is next to the library in town. It is quite a small cinema but quite noticeable as the cinema is bright purple. I’m sure you will love the film. It’s a classic!


10.- Vocabulary


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