My friend´s new house

1.- Name the room.


cuadro crossword

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2.- Where does it belong?




Match the object to where it typically belongs.

Armchair / Bath / Bed / Bedside table / Chairs / Microwave
Oven / Pillow / Plate / Shower / Sofa / Table / Tablecloth
Television / Towel

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3.- Write the correct preposition.

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1)The dog is the table dog
2)The kitten is the rabbit rabbit
3)The family is the tree family
4)The cat is the table cat
5)The dog is the house dog
6)The men are each other men
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4.- Look and read. Write yes or no.




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1)This is a picture of living room
2)There is a green and white bed in the middle of the picture
3)Nex to the bed there are two white bedside tables
4)There are six pillows under the bed
5)There are lamps on the bedside tables
6)In front of the bed there is a long grey chest
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5.- Read the story.



Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1,2,3, or 4 words.

Yesterday I went to visit my friend James in his new house. James has moved to a really big house in the countryside.

I really like James’s new house. It has five bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and two living rooms. In James’s bedroom, he has got a double bed. It’s really big! Then in front of his bed, he’s got a television and a DVD player. Next to his bed, he’s got a blue bedside table which has his alarm clock on it. I wish I had a bedroom like James!

When I arrived at James’s house, his parents weren’t at home and so we went into the living room and played on the Xbox. First we played a football game and then we played a driving game. When we were playing the driving game, I noticed something on the floor. There was something small sparkling under the sofa. I went to see what it was. I picked it up, “James, I’ve found a ring” I said to James. James stopped the game and shouted “Well done, Harry! My mum has been looking for that for two weeks, it’s her favourite ring!”

When James’s mum arrived home, I gave her the ring and she was very happy. She invited me to stay for dinner and cooked my favourite meal, fish and chips!



  • James is Harry’s friend.

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1)Harry likes Jame´s bedroom because
2)James has got and DVD player in front of his bed
3)When Harry arrived, James´s parents
4)Harry noticed a small sparking object
5)James´s mum cooked Harry his , fish and chips.
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6.- Describe your house and your bedroom. Use the questions to help you.

  • What colour is your bedroom?
  • Is it big or small?
  • What do you have in your bedroom?
  • Do you like your bedroom?
  • How many rooms does your house have?
  • What do you have in your living room?


7.- Listen and colour. There is one example.

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8.- Audio script

In the picture you can see James’s new house. James now lives in a big house. In front of his house there are three flowers. The flower in the middle is red. The flower on the right of the red flower is light blue, and he flower on the left of the red flower is yellow. The house has a pink front door. The window on the right is dark blue. The house has a green chimney.


9.- Vocabulary

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rooms of the house

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