Shopping with friends

1.- Write a, e, i, o, u.

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1)T-shrt tshirt
2)Trsrs pants
3)Skrt falda
4)Scks soccers
5)Shs shoes
6)Shrt shirt
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2.- Where do we wear these on our body?




Boots / Cap / Glasses / Gloves / Hat / Necklace / Ring
Sandals / Scarf / Shoes / Shorts / Tights / Trainers / Trousers

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3.- Look at the picture and circle the correct word.




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1)The man on the left is wearing a suit with a blue
2)The boy with the short brown hair is wearing blue
3)The woman with the long brown hair is wearing brown
4)The girl on the rigth is wearing a pink
5)The man on the left is wearing black
6)The boy with the red jumper is wearing white
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4.- What are you wearing?

Write a paragraph about what you are wearing at the moment.


5.- Laura is with her friend Gemma at the shops.

Read the conversation and choose the best answer. 




A. Have you bought a birthday card for your mum?
B. Is she having a party?
C. It’s £5.00
D. That sounds fun. Oh, look, I like this necklace too.
E. Yes, it’s really pretty! Who’s it for?
F. Yes, there’s a shop next to the bank that sells cards.

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6.- Read the text. Choose the right words and write them in the gap.





  • Buy / bought / buying

1. of / on / over
2. is / are / can
3. in / over / at
4. that / than / then
5. have / sing / swim
6. a / an / the
7. twice / also / together

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7.- Listen and write. There is one example.

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Audio script

I’m going with my friends on a shopping trip in town this Saturday. We’re meeting on Saturday at 10 o’clock in the morning. I think there are four of us going shopping, my friends Louise, Jane and Mary. We go shopping because we need to buy a birthday present for Mary’s mum. It’s her birthday on Saturday. I need to take with me all the money we have collected to buy her present.

Shopping trip

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3)What time:
4)Number of people coming:
5)What need to buy:
6)Must take:
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8.- Vocabulary

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