Aprender Inglés Jugando

It´s time for school

1.- Write a, e, i, o or u.

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1)Fdng bttl glue
2)Pncl pencil
3)Scssrs scissors
4)Rbbr rubber
5)Rcksck rucksack
6)Rlr ruler
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2.- Fill in the crossword with the correct school subject


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  • 1 Down = Geography

3.- What’s the time?

Complete the gaps. You do not need to use all of the expressions.

  • 6 o’clock
  • Half past 11
  • Half past 8
  • Quarter past 2
  • Quarter past 4
  • Quarter past 7
  • Quarter to 12
  • Quarter to 8

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1) 9 o’clock
2) Half past 11
3) Quarter past 4
4) Quarter to 8
5) 6 o’clock
6) Quarter past 2
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4.- What time do we...?

Katie is new at the school. She wants to find out about her new school timetable. She speaks to Claire.

Read the conversation and choose the best answer. 

A. In summer, I go home for lunch but in winter I eat at school.
B. It’s at eleven o’clock.
C. It’s good. They have lots of different food like sandwiches, salads and sometimes pizza.
D. It’s twenty minutes.
E. Let me think... we’ve got English and Geography before break and then History and Art before lunchtime.
F. Yeah, me too. I love it!



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5.- Write your answers to the following questions.

Please, use the suggestions in the right column to write your answer:

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1)What subjects do you study at school? Mathematics and language
2)What is your favourite subject? Mathematics
3)What time do you start school? 7:00 am
4)What time do you finish school? 2:00pm
5)How long is your lunch break? 45 minutes
6)What do you do at lunch time? go home
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6.- Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word in the story.



asked / brother / difficult / had
happy / love / me / Tuesdays

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7.- Listen and circle the correct answer.


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  1. How is Katie going to go to school today?
  2. How many bags will Katie take to school?
  3. What time will Katie leave home today?
  4. What will Katie have for lunch?
  5. What will Katie study in the afternoon?
  6. What does Katie need to take to school tomorrow?
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8.- Audio Script

Today is Wednesday and I’m going to school by bus. I’m taking two bags with me to school today. One with my books in and one with my sports clothes. I’m going to leave home at quarter past seven because I start early today.

For lunch today I’ve got a sandwich, a cheese and ham sandwich. My favourite! I’ll eat it with my friends at school. In the afternoon, I’ve got Art. I don’t like Art much because I’m really bad at drawing.

Tomorrow, our French teacher told us that we have to bring dictionaries to class. I think we’re going to learn some new words!


9.- Vocabulary

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classroom objects

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