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Test 1

Test 1


1.- Look at the pictures and find the words.



(double click on the picture; click return)

find words body parts


2.- My family.



Hello! My name’s Lucy! Let me tell you about my family.


Fill in the gap with either a, e, i, o, u.


  • I have one brother.

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1)I have two sstrs
2)I have six csns
3)My grndm´s name is May.
4)My grndp´s name is Len.
5)My nc is five years old.
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3.- Read the story.

Chose a word from the box to complete the gap.

  • Playing Football

Playing Football

football / doctor / medicine / unhappy

ambulance / stairs / waiting room / broken

(double click on the picture; click return)



4.- Look at the read. Write yes or no.



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1)There is a blue tree behind the girl.
2)The girl in the picture is reading a book.
3)There is a blue bird sitting next to the girl.
4)The girl in the picture has blonde straight hair.
5)There is a small dog sitting next to the girl eating a bone.
6)The book the girl is reading seems very interesting.
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5.- What about you? Fill in the information sheet with your information.

Please, use the suggestions in the right column to write your answer:

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1)How many brothers do you have? 2 brothers
2)How many sisters do you have? 2 sisters
3)What are the names of your brothers and sisters? Ricardo, Manuel, Andrea and Maria
4)Do you have grandparents? Yes
5)What are their names? Manuel and Maria
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6.- Read the diary and write the missing words. Write one word in each gap.




(double click on the picture; click return)



7.- Listen and write.

Escucha la lección



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1)Will go on:
2)Will go whith:
3)Will travel by:
4)Will see:
5)Need to take:
6)After aquarium: in the park
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8.- Audio Script

On Saturday I’m going to the Aquarium. I’m really excited because I’ve never been before. I’m going with my cousins who I don’t see very often. We’re going to travel by bus, from my house. I think the journey takes about thirty minutes. We all want to see the dolphins because they are really interesting and clever animals. I need to remember to take with me some food, because after the aquarium we are going to have lunch in the park.

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