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In the English language there are many idioms that refer to the parts of the body.


A. Match an idiom from the left with a definition from the right.

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B. Replace the phrase underlined with an appropriate idiom in its correct grammatical form.




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1)The old lady´s garden was full of flowers. She obviously had a real talent for gardening.
2)The shopkeeper caught the woman while she was filling her handbag with sweets.
3)I´ve been writing this composition for days and I´m really tired of it. I´ve had enough
4)When the old people´s home caught fire the warden remained perfectly calm while the residents panicked and rushed to the nearest door
5)The girl next door plays her trumpet all night long. She really annoys me
6)The manager ignored the fact that his secretary always went sick during the tennis tournament
7)When the young girl met her mother in law she turned away coldly and ignored her
8)The young child was given a new bike but since it wasn´t the right colour he looked dissatisfied and said he didn´t want it
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Talking Point

According to a recent study, people were happier 50 years ago.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? If so, why?

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