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A. Match the following phrasal verbs with their meanings:

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B. Now choose the appropriate phrasal verb to complete the following sentences

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1)I´ve been so busy that I just haven´t phoning Bob.
2)Frankly, I don´t know how he on the small amount he earns.
3)He nearly always managed to doing the heavy work by pretending he was ill.
4)Despite the fact that they have completely different hobbies, it´s surprising how well they together.
5)How´s your grandpa? Has he his operation yet?
6)Did you phone the restaurant? No I couldn´t the line was engaged.
7)The job itself is well paid and interesting, but travelling every day for one hour really me .
8)It´s no use trying to him with charm. Once he´s made up his mind he never changes it.
9)I can´t see wuite what you´re could you go into some more detail please.
10)He was finally caught after robbing 10 houses. I´m surprised that he it for so long.
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