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Language Awareness - Loan Words

Nowadays, numerous words in the English language are loan words. Loan words are words that have been borrowed directly from other languages e.g. Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, etc and are used in conjunction with the English Language.

  • For example - This afternoon I had a siesta.

In this phrase - siesta - is the loan word because it comes directly from the Spanish language meaning ´a nap´.


A. In the following sentences can you identify the loan words and guess their meaning?

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1)What the teacher said in the lesson was really bizarre
2)"Bravo, that was great"
3)Last nigth I had this frighful dream that a zombie attacked me in the woods
4)The holiday we went on three years ago was a fiasco
5)In July and August my family usually eat al fresco
6)Every Thursday night Jhon goes to Judo classes
7)The boss decided to call a meeting ad hoc
8)When I was at seconday school one of the girls in my class was an albino, nobody wanted to talk to her
9)The bazaar in Covent Garden has an excellent selection of scarves but it´s very expensive
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B. In the following sentences, use one of the words given to fill the gaps in the sentences. Use each word only once.

Extravaganza / Hooligan / Spiel / Kamikaze / Blitz / Bistro / Imbroglio / Avant garde / Hoi polloi / Paparazzi


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1)James and Dave are well known football in the Manchester area.
2)The Italian "Giovanni" serves classic food from the Tuscan region of Italy
3)Jazz, Swing and Blues based music are considered more free-form and than mainstream Pop and Rock.
4)Jeff had no idea how he ended up in this but knew it would take a great deal of explaining to get out of it.
5)After a legenthy and unsuccessful debate on the merits of abortion, Gavin concluded that anyone with a decent knowledge of the subjects should know the whole
6)Japanese pilots were trained to give their lives for their country during the second world war.
7)The rich ate caviar and drank champagne but it was bread and water for the
8)A attack involves using overwhelming force to achieve an objective.
9)The Cannes film festival is scheduled to start in May.
10)The surrounded Madonna as she spoke about her new album.
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Talking Point

Look at these houses and compare them.




  • What are their key features?
  • How do you envisage the interior of each house?
  • What types of people occupy these houses?

According to a recent survey carried out in the United Kingdom , most families are unhappy with their accommodation. The majority of families complain about the of their dwellings. Describe in detail your ideal house.

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