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Grammar - Non Count Nouns

In English, there are two kinds of nouns: count nouns and non-count nouns. It is important to understand the difference between them, because they often use different articles, and non-count nouns usually have no plural.

Non Count Nouns are usually things which cannot be counted, such as rice or water. Non-count nouns have a singular form, but when they are indefinite, we either use the word "some", nothing at all or a set expression, for example:

A piece of paper / advice / cake / meat

Using the word piece is acceptable here, however, sometimes we want to use a more precise word.


A. The words given below in the list on the left are more precise than piece. Match each one with a word from the list on the right.

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B. Complete the following exercise using the following words

Spot / Teaspoon / Amount / Sign / Bar / Piece / Ounce / Knob / Bunch / Plot


flowers cake


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1)Claire borrowed a small of money from the bank to finance her car.
2)As a of respect, please do not speak in the library.
3)Lyn is si house-proud. You never see a of dust when you visit her house.
4)Jim turned up at the airport with a of red roses.
5)Before you fry the onions, always remember to add a of butter.
6)Maria always adds a of sugar to her tea before she drinks it.
7)There wasn´t an of truth in what the accused said at the court hearing.
8)Louise had a nasty fall in the shower when she slipped on a of soap.
9)Mike and Paul acquired a of land when their parents passed away.
10)Tina wrote to an agony aunt with the hope of receiveing a of advice regarding her problematic situation.
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Literary Approach

A. What picture of the girls life emerges from this extract?



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