Ejercicios de Inglés: Preposiciones. Frases en Inglés V

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1)The boss spoke his employees.
2)She works a public company
3)He gave me the money advance.
4)The house went fire by accident.
5)The house went on fire accident.
6)My brother is very interested tennis.
7)He will go to Seville October.
8)I am very upset his death.
9)The doctor was standing his patient.
10)He will stay with us a little while.
11)He gives an order his dog.
12)He spoke a very low voice.
13)My sister suffers pneumomia.
14)This family lives the poorest part of the city.
15)I play tennis Saturday.
16)I give this book him.
17)The terrorist was watched the police.
18)I will be ready for the exam a few days.
19)I bought that car my neighbour.
20)The soldier was duty.
21)My friend is trial for murder.
22)The church went fire.
23)My wife is very fat, despite she is diet.
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