Ejercicio de repaso: Preposiciones

1. Elige la opción correcta:

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1)They never heard their father again.
2)The sky was dark now.
3)The husband talked his wife problems.
4)The book was writen spanish.
5)I read more than 10 pages a time.
6)The woman had problems her pregnancy.
7)The novel was written his friend.
8)He sat hours in silence.
9) a few days he will leave the city.
10)He will have dinner the hotel.
11)The journalist recived comments his article.
12)My family lives the capital.
13)He was his way home.
14)The thief came him with a knife.
15)I read the newspaper night.
16)My son insits watching TV.
17)I left my friend the hotel.
18)I want to talk my teacher.
19)My house is different all the others.
20)I went a picnic with some friends.
21)He needs to pay attention his health.
22)I have work to do the morning
23)My flat is the first floor.
24)I wrote my parents.
25)He succeeded his third attempt.
26)They have something common
27)It seems me, that you are wrong.
28)The dog stared him.
29)The door was opened my brother.
30)It seems me, that it was an accident.
31)These images you can watch only TV.
32)My wife comes Cádiz.
33)The boy pulled his father the hand.
34)I asked my brother his trip.
35)My friends stayed at home an hour.
36)The woman was her early forties.
37)The husband said good-bye his wife.
38)I never listen the radio.
39)There is a fortress the german side of the border.
40)He spents the evening the club.
41)There is nothing him to worry about.
42)He has made a report tourism.
43)According him the problem is very serious.
44)I am not interested your histories.
45)I have telephoned my mother.
46) the television I heard about the congress.
47)Have you been often the theatre?
48)You can see admiration his eyes.
49) the way, do you now a good restaurant in this city?
50)My colleague is holiday.
51)I am good terms with my boss.
52)That girl is very interested me.
53)He has asked me that question least three times.
54)The boy went the school.
55)I like to play tennis just fun.
56)My boss is today home.
57)I felt very disturbed his remarks.
58)The car was hidden the trees.
59)I will have to pay this flat advance.
60)I take a pencil my pocket.
61)She works a public company
62)He gave me the money advance.
63)The house went fire by accident.
64)The house went on fire accident.
65)My brother is very interested tennis.
66)He will go to Seville October.
67)I am very upset his death.
68)The doctor was standing his patient.
69)He will stay with us a little while.
70)He gives an order his dog.
71)He spoke a very low voice.
72)My sister suffers pneumomia.
73)This family lives the poorest part of the city.
74)I play tennis Saturday.
75)I give this book him.
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