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Ejercicios de Inglés: Preposiciones. Frases en Inglés IV

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1)He drove the beach on Monday.
2)He has been waiting me.
3)There were many obstacles the road.
4)He looks me with admiration.
5)If you are tired, you should stay bed.
6)My mother was waiting me.
7)I am very busy this time of the year.
8)Have you heard my marriage ?
9) first she was very happy
10)That car belongs my father.
11)I bought this book the market.
12)I am very surprised your comments
13)I drove the direction of Madrid.
14)I like very much the poems García Lorca.
15)He works in a shop the main street of the city.
16)I have a passion football.
17)My brother is obsessed the work
18) the television I heard about the congress.
19)Have you been often the theatre?
20)You can see admiration his eyes.
21) the way, do you now a good restaurant in this city?
22)My colleague is holiday.
23)I am good terms with my boss.
24)That girl is very interested me.
25)He has asked me that question least three times.
26)The boy went the school.
27)I like to play tennis just fun.
28)My boss is today home.
29)I felt very disturbed his remarks.
30)The car was hidden the trees.
31)I will have to pay this flat advance.
32)I take a pencil my pocket.
33)She gave me a present my birthday.
34)My son is afraid that dog.
35)He went foot to the cinema.
36)The traitor disclosed the secrets the ennemy.
37)My mother was the living room with my wife.
38)Have you been his office?
39)I am annoyed myself for that mistake.
40)He has been travelling weeks.
41)That person is a friend mine.
42)He knows a lot me.
43)The child goes the kitchen.
44)The terrorists escaped the car.
45)My girlfriend is very kind me.
46)My friend lives the south of Spain.
47)We will be back home a few days
48)The boy sat the edge of the bed.
49)The police asked me my family.
50)They listen the music.
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