Ejercicios de Inglés: Preposiciones. Frases en Inglés III

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1)She looks him with hate.
2)The painter shows his work his clients.
3)The family settled the south.
4) your age, you should sleep more.
5)I made a report the spanish culture.
6)I will have to work two days.
7)I paid very much my flat.
8)We have many things common
9)He is a very good friend mine.
10)I read that article the newspaper.
11)The result will depend your effort.
12)He has to cut down his drinking.
13)I listen the teacher.
14)He sat down the table.
15)I left the book the table.
16)I believe god.
17) a way, I agree with you.
18)I want to accompany you that visit.
19)My brother arrived Monday
20)The man sat alone a glass
21)The mother watched her child happiness
22)My girlfriend comes Barcelona.
23)The students laugh their teacher.
24)He looks her with love.
25)The children went the park.
26)I am going to the cinema my sister
27)I talk my friend.
28)He talked to me his problems.
29)She takes the newspaper her room.
30)The book was writen the XIX century.
31)These images you can watch only TV.
32)My wife comes Cádiz.
33)The boy pulled his father the hand.
34)I asked my brother his trip.
35)My friends stayed at home an hour.
36)The woman was her early forties.
37)The husband said good-bye his wife.
38)I never listen the radio.
39)There is a fortress the german side of the border.
40)He spents the evening the club.
41)There is nothing him to worry about.
42)He has made a report tourism.
43)According him the problem is very serious.
44)I am not interested your histories.
45)I have telephoned my mother.
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