Ejercicios de Inglés: Preposiciones. Frases en Inglés II

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1)There was a control the road to Madrid.
2)The doctor was waiting his house.
3)His eyes grow accustomed the dark.
4)The assassins were hidden among the trees.
5)The thieves are not friends the police.
6)It had not rained two days.
7)His eyes were too big his face.
8)He was taken a doctor.
9)The patient is a coma.
10)They went the other room.
11)The drug acted aggressively the patient.
12)He will be all right a while.
13) last he told the truth.
14) the way back to Madrid he had an accident.
15)He looked one face to another, but no one smiled.
16)These men are unknown me.
17)The police was interested the car stolen.
18)How earth did you make such a mistake?
19)He began to talk russian.
20) the first time he didn´t answer.
21)I placed the table the right side.
22)I am very fond tennis.
23)My father has a house forty kilometers the city.
24)He went quickly the kitchen.
25)They came from Madrid car.
26)He spent 4 days the road.
27) the dark you cannot see clearly.
28)What has happened your brother?
29)He is a member the police.
30)Yoa are in problems your behaviour.
31)What earth can you ask for your help?
32)Only my father is touch with my brother.
33)You, listen me
34)You must rest a while.
35) a few days the problem will be solved.
36)I learn my mistakes.
37)It was easy me to do that.
38)The team arrived Madrid.
39)My son insits watching TV.
40)I left my friend the hotel.
41)I want to talk my teacher.
42)My house is different all the others.
43)I went a picnic with some friends.
44)He needs to pay attention his health.
45)I have work to do the morning
46)My flat is the first floor.
47)I wrote my parents.
48)He succeeded his third attempt.
49)They have something common
50)It seems me, that you are wrong.
51)The dog stared him.
52)The door was opened my brother.
53)It seems me, that it was an accident.
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