Ejercicios de Inglés: Preposiciones. Frases en Inglés I

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1)I usually go to the cinema Wednesdays.
2)Peter was born 1965.
3)He works 3 years as la lawyer.
4) his return he had an accident.
5)She made a report the political situation.
6) 1964 he won the Nobel Prize.
7)From 1948 1950 he visited many countries.
8)My friend wrote a book children.
9)I was guard outside the building.
10)My brother left Spain the age of 14.
11)When the ship left, the family stayed the quay.
12)The treasure belongs right to the Government.
13)Not one his friends went to his party.
14)Our departure was delayed a political demonstration.
15)The house was fire.
16)They never heard their father again.
17)The sky was dark now.
18)The husband talked his wife problems.
19)The book was writen spanish.
20)I read more than 10 pages a time.
21)The woman had problems her pregnancy.
22)The novel was written his friend.
23)He sat hours in silence.
24) a few days he will leave the city.
25)He will have dinner the hotel.
26)The journalist recived comments his article.
27)My family lives the capital.
28)He was his way home.
29)The thief came him with a knife.
30)I read the newspaper night.
31)In my room there is space a bed and a table.
32)This man is the same age as my father.
33)There is a great number of spaniards living the city.
34)They sat a table near the window.
35)He was always dressed a suit.
36)I read the article the journal.
37)We return Madrid by plane
38)We return to Madrid plane.
39)You lie me.
40)Someone was asking for you the telephone.
41)I live the first floor.
42)The city is growing year year.
43)My brother spends books all his salary.
44)The plane was the way to Barcelona.
45) any case, it was too late for an excuse.
46)He was woken the telephone.
47)These friends were with me school.
48)He never went mass.
49)He had to say the truth interrogation.
50)I am not afraid the police.
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