How do I get to….?

1.- Vocabulary

1.A.- Prepositions

On: encima/sobre
In: en 
Next to: al lado de 
In front of: delante de 
Behind: detrás 
Up: arriba
Down: abajo
Under: debajo de
Before: antes
After: después
Between: entre
Towards: hacia 
Above: encima de
Opposite: enfrente de


Where is the computer?Where are the windows?
Where is the computer?Where are the windows?
The computer is on the tableThe windows are next to the bed



  • Subject + Verb To be + preposition + object


  • The books are in front of the computer
  • A book is next to the computer


1.B.- Practice

A – Where is…..?


How do I get to….?

Try and use a different preposition for each question


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1) The table
2) The long sofa
3) The fruit
4) The small sofa
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1.C.- Verbs of direction

To turn: girar
To turn right: girar a la derecha 
To turn left: girar a la izquierda
To go straight ahead: ir todo recto 
To turn around: dar la vuelta
To stop: parar 
To cross: cruzar
To take: tomar 
To go past: pasar 
To go up: subir
To go down: bajar


2.- Grammar – The Imperative

We use the imperative to give orders, instructions, directions and suggestions.

Imperatives do not have a subject


  • Close the door. 
  • Sit down!


  • Drink the orange juice.
  • Boil the water


  • Turn left and then go straight ahead 
  • Take the first road on the left.


The verb let is used as an imperative to give a suggestion. 
Let’s is a contraction of let us.

  • Let’s go home I’m tired 
  • Let’s have a party


For negative imperatives: Don’t + Infinitive

  • Don’t listen to the radio. 
  • Don’t turn left

Exception: Let’s = Let’s not

  • Let’s not go to the party 
  • Let’s not eat in the restaurant


2.A.- Practice

2.A.1.- Complete the sentences with the imperative.

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1)Let´s shopping (go)
2) down (sit)
3)Please watching the television (stop)
4) left after Church Street (turn)
5) the milk (no drink)
6) go on holiday this year (no let)
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2.A.2.- Complete the following instructions with these verbs: go, take, turn, cross.

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Excuse me. How can I get to the post office?
straight ahead and the second road on the left. The post office es next to the dry cleaners.
Good morning. Can you direct me to the baker´s?
Yes, of course. left. straight ahead and then the first right. The baker´s is in front of the florists.
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How do I get to...?


3.A.- Practice

3.A.1.- Which street would you go to if you wanted to…?

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1) buy a book
2) watch a film
3) buy some flowers
4) eat in a Italian restaurant
5) post a letter
6) see the bank manager
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3.A.2.- Answer the following questions

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1)Where does Tara live?
2)What does she do everyday?
3)Why does Tara love her town?
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How do I get to….?
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