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Reading 9º: Read about Alex.

Sonido Stop

Alex wakes up every day at 7 o'clock and he stays in bed for 15 minutes listening to the radio.

At quarter past 7 he gets up. He gets dressed into his grey and brown tracksuit and he goes cycling for approximately half an hour.

When he returns he has his breakfast. He usually eats toast and jam and he drinks a glass of orange juice or a cup of coffee. After breakfast he has a shower and gets dressed. Alex goes to work at half past eight by motorcycle.

Alex doesn't work in an office he works in a gym. In the mornings he gives tennis and gymnastic lessons and in the afternoon he teaches golf. He enjoys his job because he meets lots of interesting people and he can keep fit.

He normally eats his lunch at half past one. He has one hour for his lunch break. He brings food from home. He eats a sandwich with ham and cheese or chicken, an apple and a packet of biscuits.

He finishes work at 17:30 and he goes home. At home he watches television, or does the housework. On Thursday nights he goes out with his friends to the cinema or to a bar.

He has his dinner at 19:30. He goes to bed around 22:30.

At the weekends Alex gets up late and goes out with his friends. On Saturdays he goes to watch his favourite football team play. He loves watching football!

In the evening he goes into town and goes out for dinner with his girlfriend. After dinner he goes to a bar and meets up with his best friends.

On Sundays Alex stays at home relaxing. He wakes up late and he likes to watch television, maybe a film or a good programme. He sometimes goes out to the pub in the evening.

Every weekday he follows the same routine and tomorrow will be no exception.

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