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Lección 13ª: Much / Many / Little / Few / A lot of



1.- "much" / "many" / "a lot of" se traducen por "mucho".

Las reglas que se aplican son las siguientes, si bien cabe cierta flexibilidad:

a) En oraciones afirmativas: "a lot of"

b) En oraciones negativas e interrogativas:

b.1) Con sustantivos contables: "many"

many books, many coins, many girls...

b.2) Con sustantivos incontables: "much"

much time, much effort, much energy

2.- "little" / "few" se traducen por "poco".

a) Con sustantivos contables: "few"

few books, few pencils, few tickets...

b) Con sustantivos "incontables": "little"

little sugar, little rain, little water...


She is very friendly and has a lot of friends

I don't have many paintings in my flat

When you were unemployed, did you receive much help from your family?

This bookshop has few books about Spanish history

There is little hope that the hostage will be released


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