Ejercicios - Some / Any

1.- Indica en cuales de las siguientes oraciones hay que utilizar "some" y en cuales "any":

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1)I have seen dogs running after the postman
2)Dou you have books on French culture?
3)Can I have ice-cream please?
4)You don't have idea about the real situation of this company
5)Could you lend me money please? I really need it
6)I have seen films about the assassination of JFK
7)I couldn't find explanations for his behaviour
8)Have you received letters from your brother?
9)If I have doubt, I will ask you for help
10)I haven't found friends at the party
11)I have bought discs for my father
12)Did I receive calls when I was out?
13)If I had problem I would call you
14) of those suspects could have been the assassin
15)Do you want coffee? Yes, please
16)Mum, can I invite friends to my birthday please?
17)When I was young I did sports
18)I don't have souvenirs from Greece
19) houses have been destroyed by the fire
20)The police didn't find clues in the flat
21)Could I have water please?
22)You must agree with me that You must agree with me that
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