Ejercicios - Much / Many / Little / Few / A lot of

1. Indica en cuales de las siguientes oraciones hay que utilizar "much" / "many" / "little" / "few" o "a lot of":

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1)There are people who prefer to work part-time
2)We don't have time to listen to your arguments
3)You need time to finish your homework
4)Look at the sky! You can see birds flying southwards
5)Have you received letters from your friend?
6) people know that you worked abroad for ten years
7)I can see that you have interest in helping me
8) cars can go more than 300 km per hour
9)There were foreigners in that village last summer?
10)I am very busy; I have things to do
11)Mark is not a millionaire. I am sure he doesn't have money
12)I put a bit of sugar in my coffee because I don't like it very sweet
13)Peter has a stomach ache and that is because he ate biscuits
14)He didn't have luck. He lost all his money in the casino
15)It is a very small car park; it allows cars
16)We haven't had rain during this year
17)I have books of the Second World War
18)He made effort to win the race
19)Martin doesn't eat Martin doesn't eat
20)Do you have friends in England?
21)He was very furious and said nonsense
22) people can agree with your point of view about immigration
23)After attempts he could cross the river
24)In the morning you can see people running to the beach
25)He found support in his family when he got divorced
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