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Phrasal verbs: To Go

To go ahead (intr.): Seguir adelante

  • You should go ahead with that interesting project, even if you don't find any support

To go along with (something / someone): Apoyar una idea, estar de acuerdo con alguien

  • Our president went along with my idea to enter in the Chinese market

To go away (intr..): Marcharse

  • I haven't seen her for a while; probably she has gone away without saying a word

To go back on (tr.): Retirar o romper una promesa

  • He went back on his promise to invite me for dinner

To go down (intr.): Ser recibida una idea con aprobación

  • His plan to reduce costs in the factory went down very well

To go for (tr.): Elegir

  • My parents went for this school because it was very close to our home

To go for (tr.): Atacar

  • Your dog went for my cat and almost killed it

To go in for (tr.): Estar muy interesado en algo, practicar algo, participar en competiciones

  • My brother goes in for golf

To go into (tr.): Investigar detenidamente

  • The police is determined to go into his death; they don't believe that it was a suicide

To go off (intr.): Abandonar un lugar para dirijirse a otro

  • After work I went off to try to find a shop where to buy a new suit

To go off (intr.): Explotar

  • The bomb went off in the middle of the parking

To go on (intr.): Continuar

  • The went on arguing about politics all the night

To go on with (tr.): Continuar con algo

  • You should go on with your studies about the French Revolution

To go on (intr.): Ocurrir

  • Many ambulances have passed; do you know what's going on?

To go out (intr.): Salir de casa para entretenerse

  • My son has a lot of friends and he goes out almost every evening

To go over (tr.): Examinar, estudiar o repetir cuidadosamente

  • I have to go over my report to correct some spelling mistakes

To go through with (tr.): Finalizar algo desagradable o difícil que has planeado o que has prometido hacer

  • My son didn't want to go to England, but finally he decided to go through it

To go through (tr.): Experimentar una situación difícil o desagradable

  • Last year I went through a very difficult time after losing my job

To go through (tr.): Examinar el contenido de algo atentamente

  • In the bookshop I went through the books looking for one about tidal waves

To go together (intr.): Personas / objetos / situaciones que suelen ir juntas

  • Normally the optimism and the good luck go together

To go without (tr.): No tener algo que habitualmente se tiene

  • What a problem! I broke my glasses and I cannot go without it
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