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Ejercicios - Phrasal verbs: To Go

1. Completa los siguientes phrasal verbs. (Aparte de las soluciones que aquí se dan, otras alternativas pueden ser igualmente válidas).

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1)When finished the party he went to the airport to get the first flight to London
2)I didn't want to change my car but my wife has convinced me to go it
3)His wife always goes with his eccentric ideas
4)My friend has gone a very difficult year until his son has recovered from a very serious accident
5)I really love to go with my friends on Friday evening
6)The police could evacuate the school before the bomb went
7)The IT specialist went the programme and discovered many mistakes
8)Once you have started a business you cannot abandon at the first difficulty; you must go
9)In the last meeting I proposed to change the publicity agency but this proposal didn't go down
10)The detective went her boyfriend's past and discovered he was already married
11)I have many plans for this summer but I have to go one of them
12)When the teacher arrived two students were fighting. He demanded what was going
13)Since last summer Tom goes for swimming
14)We should leave this building immediately; the bomb can get at any moment
15)They started playing tennis at 10 o'clock and went until 4 o'clock
16)The police went The police went
17)This week I will have to go my car because it is in the garage
18)The boy was playing with the gun when it went but luckily no one was hurt
19)Nowadays it is impossible to go Nowadays it is impossible to go
20)You shouldn't go on your promise to invite your parents this week-end to the beach
21)We didn't have coffee in the cottage and had to go it all week
22)Driving after drinking alcohol and accidents go
23)It is very dangerous to play with a gun; it can go accidentally
24)My brother promised me to lend me money but finally he went on it
25)Mary is very persistent; she goes Mary is very persistent; she goes
26)The school director is very upset with the incident and want to go it
27)After finishing her legal studies my sister went After finishing her legal studies my sister went
28)In my country the two main political parties never go with each other
29)John went a very difficult moment when he knew that his father had had an accident
30)Her behaviour was so bad that her father punished her forbidding to go
31)Her behaviour was so bad that her father punished her forbidding to go
32)In the shop I went the ties looking for one for a present
33)People are running in the street; do you know what's going ?
34)The government's proposal to increase the taxes didn't go down
35)My wife wants to make reforms in our house so I would have to go it
36)All the films were very interesting; it was difficult to go one of them
37)He was with us but suddenly went without saying a word
38)What a weather! It went snowing all night
39)The students should go over their exams before handing them to the teacher
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