Ejercicios - "Present" vs "Present continuous"

1.- Escribe el verbo entre paréntesis en "present" o "present continuous" según corresponda:

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1)I French literature a lot (to like)
2)Where is your brother? My brother tennis with James (to play)
3)My neighbour is a cook; he in a Mexican restaurant (to work)
4)Excuse me, but I cannot open the door; I a shower (to have)
5)The phone ; John, can you answer it, please? (to ring)
6)Andrew, Why are you at me? (to shout)
7)My wife occasionally, mainly in parties (to smoke)
8)My sister the piano like a professional (to play)
9)Where is your husband? He the car (to wash)
10)Congratulations Paul!, Your English little by little (to improve)
11)She is a dancer; she in the National Ballet (to perform)
12)Sorry, but at this moment I can not contact my boss; he to London (to fly)
13)Where do you come from? I from Jamaica (to come)
14)Chris, stop the car; the engine a very strange noise (to make)
15)We elections in my country every four years (to have)
16)My kids to bed at 9 o'clock (to go)
17)In winter, it almost every day in Scotland (to rain)
18)Alice is very religious; she to mass every day (to go)
19)My mother supper ready (to get)
20)In my country we very high taxes (to pay)
21)You too fast; I can not understand what you are saying (to speak)
22)My family to the beach every summer (to go)
23)Peter is an economist; he in a foreign bank (to work)
24)Please don't disturb him; he his homework (to do)
25)Margaret, look at that plane! It down (to come)
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