Ejercicios - Preposiciones de lugar: In / On / At

1.- Selecciona "In" / "On" / "At" para completar las siguientes oraciones:

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1)I have left my luggage the car
2)My flat is the tenth floor
3)To go to that restaurant you must turn left the next corner
4)I study law the Madrid University
5)My dog plays the square with a little ball
6)In Japan people drive the left, the same as in England
7)You can find that article page 15. I recommend that you read it
8)The president of that football club is now prison accused of multiple frauds
9)When I was young I lived Paris with my parents
10)He must be very tired; he has fallen asleep the sofa
11)I will meet you at the cinema 10 o'clock
12)The eagles fly the sky looking for food
13)Look at that butterfly the wall. It is so beautiful
14)I have put my glasses your bag. Please, look after them
15)If you agree you must sign the bottom of this document
16)You can see my grandparents this photograph
17)I have two coins in my hand and another two my pocket
18)My kids are swimming the river with their friends
19)She was all evening home listening to music
20)I have left my car the end of this street
21)I have read that theory a very old book
22)I couldn't hear the teacher because I sat the back of the classroom
23)Do you know where there is a post box? Yes, right that corner
24)Be quiet, a little bird is the window. I will try to catch it
25)I live in Madison Avenue New York City
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