Ejercicios - Preposiciones de lugar (II)

1.- Selecciona una de estas preposiciones para completar las siguientes oraciones. (además de las soluciones que aquí se dan, puede haber otras alternativas igualmente válidas)

"Above" / "Against" / "Among" / "Behind" / "Below" / "Beside" / "Between" / "In front of" / "Inside" /"Next to" / "Opposite" / "On"

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1)My son sat in the cinema me (detrás)
2)That restaurant is the bank where I work (próximo)
3)The springboard is the swimming pool
4)I live on the fifth floor and my brother me, on the second
5)He stopped his car his house (delante)
6)I put the ballpoint pen the drawer
7)In the cocktail party the Spanish ambassador was his colleagues
8)The book that you are looking for is that shelf
9)Peter, you left your raincoat my car
10)The winner stood on the podium the second and the third
11)After the race, he was very tired and leant the tree
12)I cannot find my glasses but I am sure that I left them the keys (al lado)
13)The parachutist jumped the village
14)They are building a tunnel the river
15)I sat at the table my boss (enfrente)
16)Belgium is Holland and France
17)The cat sleeps the roof
18)He put the ladder the wall
19)In this photo you can see my brother friends
20)I lived in the same street as my parents; my house is theirs (enfrente)
21)The museum is the railway station (delante)
22)It is very hot and the bull rests the tree
23)You can find the butcher's the baker's (al lado)
24)He arrived at the concert very late and was in the queue me (detrás)
25)I parked my car the traffic light (próximo)
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