Ejercicios- Posición del adverbio en la oración

1. Escribe nuevamente las siguientes frases incluyendo en el lugar correspondiente el adverbio que figura entre paréntesis (además de la solución que aquí se da, podría haber en algunos casos alguna otra alternativa)

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1)The kids play and it is impossible to sleep (noisily)
2)Henry will know the results of his maths exam (soon)
3)You can´t find that book. It is not published any more (anywhere)
4)My boss is travelling abroad (always)
5)I felt very sick and had to call the doctor (recently)
6)My client answered all the questions the judge asked him (correctly)
7)Tomorrow the weather will be a little bit better (perhaps)
8)The parents waited for their daughter (impatiently)
9)This flat is in a worse condition than we expected (certainly)
10)Your brother isn't. I think he left one hour ago(upstairs)
11)Your brother isn't. I think he left one hour ago (upstairs)
12)John is not here; he has gone (downstairs)
13)This man is crazy. We should call the police (completely)
14)My girlfriend arrived at the party (very late)
15)Emma has finished her homework (almost)
16)The dog ran with the ball in its mouth (away)
17)He didn't go to work because he had a very bad toothache (yesterday)
18)He didn't go to work because he had a very bad toothache (yesterday)
19)I haven't seen my neighbours; probably they are away (lately)
20)Caroline is thin and should go to the doctor (extremely)
21)His secretary answers the phone and it is impossible to contact him (never)
22)The mother looks at her baby (affectionately)
23)The cause of this accident has been a human error (officially)
24)I can´t find your brother (anywhere)
25)We have paid our telephone bills (periodically)
26)I have understood your explanation; could you repeat it again? (hardly)
27)My daughter listens to music (silently)
28)That man is drunk; he cannot drive in this condition (completely)
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