Ejercicios (cont.) - Posición del adverbio en la oración

1. Escribe nuevamente las siguientes frases incluyendo en el lugar correspondiente el adverbio que figura entre paréntesis (además de la solución que aquí se da podría haber en algunos casos alguna otra alternativa)

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1)It is better to postpone our decision about the sale of the company (definitely)
2)My father signed the documents that his lawyer presented him (reluctantly)
3)He has been accused of smuggling (apparently)
4)We are flying to Paris with our friends (today)
5)Sally has answered two questions out of ten (only)
6)Mark has gone to get the dictionary (upstairs)
7)Your boss wants to see you (at once)
8)I cannot carry that trunk; it is heavy for me (too)
9)The kid eats the biscuits (anxiously)
10)The accused will be sentenced to life imprisonment (presumably)
11)I have seen that film and I really liked it (somewhere)
12)He has spent his holidays in Greece (frequently)
13)She doesn't like me. Even more, she detests me (clearly)
14)The couple danced when the music stopped (happily)
15)I have very strong headaches (sometimes)
16)Don't worry, you will receive your money (soon)
17)I haven't finished my homework (yet)
18)She plays golf well (extremely)
19)The boy threw the ball and hit a pedestrian (outside)
20)Alice won the golden medal in the marathon (almost)
21)She will come with us to the party (probably)
22)They live with two dogs and one cat (downstairs)
23)George has done his exam well and I am sure that he will pass it (pretty)
24)This house is much more expensive than the old one (naturally)
25)We will have a very important meeting with our president (tomorrow)
26)Diana hid the box, where noone could find it (downstairs)
27)Your mother doesn't want to buy you a motorbike (obviously)
28)My son read the book while I watched TV (attentively)
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