Ejercicios - Phrasal verbs: To Call

1. Completa los siguientes phrasal verbs. (Aparte de la solución que se indica puede haber otras altrenativas igualmente válidas)

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1)If I have time this morning I will call the lawyer to pick some documents up
2)Yesterday evening we couldn't open the front door and had to call a locksmith
3)My boss had to go immediately to Madrid and the meeting had to be called
4)If you are going into town you can call the travel agency and ask for our plane tickets
5)Someone has called you but I don't remember his name
6)I left my luggage in the hotel and called them later
7)I forgot my handbag in the shop; I have to call
8)Congratulations! You passed your exams; this call a party
9)If you have time this evening, please call and tell me about your last trip
10)For economic reason the opera Carmen in Seville has been called
11)If you go to mass this evening can you call me, please?
12)The accused suffered a heart attack and the trial had to be called
13)My God! I haven't switched off the central heating in the office; I have to call immediately
14)Your granny will arrive at 5 o'clock; can you call her at the airport?
15)Last summer we went to Marbella and we enjoyed so much that we want to call next summer
16)I don't know how to repair this socket; I will have to call an electrician
17)The foreign minister called the president to communicate his resignation
18)We have eaten very well in this restaurant; we have to call in other occasion
19)Yesterday morning I called the bank to get information about mortgages
20)The level of unemployment in my country call urgent action from the government
21)When I saw my father on the floor I called immediately a doctor
22)This morning my mother called me to tell me that dad was in the hospital
23)The company sales plummeted to its lowest level in the last 10 years. This situation calls urgent measures
24)My kids are in the school playing football; I will call them later
25)Peter, if you pass next to my mother's house, please call to see how she is
26)His death has been very strange and the neighbours have called the police
27)The pilot's strike obliged the company to call all the flights
28)Every evening my parents call Every evening my parents call
29)Peter, when you come here, can you call the baker's and buy some bread?
30)Last Friday I called my girlfriend to invite her for dinner
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