Ejercicios - "Past simple" vs "Past continuous"

1.- Escribe el verbo entre paréntesis en "past simple" o "past continuous" según corresponda:

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1)Last Saturday when my brother arrived, I TV (to watch)
2)The police arrested the murderer when he an old woman (to attack)
3)My uncle all his fortune playing in casinos (to lose)
4)Yesterday it rained all day and the river almost its banks (to burst)
5)Last night when I left the party two gangs of hooligans (to fight)
6)Last Friday my father to Paris to visit my brother, who works there (to go)
7)They the new bridge in time for the Olympic Games (to finish)
8)My girlfriend didn't come with us to the cinema because she (to study)
9)When the teacher entered the classroom the students very loudly (to speak)
10)That terrible accident yesterday evening (to happen)
11)Last night when the thieves into my house I was sleeping (to break)
12)My parents in the Cathedral of Seville 40 years ago (to get married)
13)The Socialist Party the last elections and is now in power (to win)
14)The other day when I tennis I hurt my leg (to play)
15)Philip at home in very strange circumstances (to die)
16)Susan Law in the university of Madrid (to study)
17)Yesterday when you came home I the dog (to walk)
18)The plane into the mountains due to the weather conditions (to crash)
19)He late at the station and missed his train (to arrive)
20)The mother went to calm her little baby because she (to cry)
21)My neighbour a heart attack last year and still hasn't fully recovered (to have)
22)This morning while my friends played football I my homework (to do)
23)Last summer we to the south of Spain for our holidays (to go)
24)Yesterday night it was raining when we the Theatre (to leave)
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