Ejercicios de Repaso

1. Coloca Above, Across, After, Against o Along según corresponda:

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1)Our neighbors who live us are very nice
2)Soon we were driving a narrow road
3)As well as assisting jobseekers, it helps entrepreneurs find workers from the EU
4) a while he returned
5)The fight crime
6)We like the painting we have the sofa
7)The decision was no surprise and came a lengthy consultation period
8)I ran the street
9)My brother traveled Europe
10)Shortly their marriage they moved to Colorado
11)Peter walked the street in silence
12)They lived the street from one another
13)We arrived dinner
14)The championship match Barcelona
15)He is me in rank
16)My daughter fell the fence
17)The floor is used as a playroom
18)We are travelling Spain
19)The meeting will take place the day tomorrow
20)The path is the lake
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2. Coloca Amid, Among, Around o At según corresponda:

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1)The cabins stand in their own picket-fenced patch of grass beautiful countryside
2)I like very much to be friends
3)I left my bike in the parking the cars
4)Now I am work
5)We have travelled all the world
6)a British woman was the 54 victims of the disaster
7)snakes are the animals most feared by man
8)The Earth goes the Sun
9)I felt uncomfortable so many people
10)In that restaurant the beer wasn't good, other things
11)I live 725 Santa Paula Street
12)The prisoner managed to escape the confusion
13)I divided my money my two brothers
14)The actor appeared a standing ovation
15)My train stopped Atocha's Train Station
16)He had a bracelet his wrist
17)I walked the garden
18)We’re friends
19)It is impossible to study all this noise
20)I drove the town looking for a parking
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