Paper 5 (Speaking) Part 2

Lesson 23 – Paper 5 (Speaking) – Part 2

Individual Long Turn


Describing two photographs (4 minutes)


Part 2

In Part 2, the examiner gives you two photographs and asks you to talk about them for approximately one minute. The examiner then asks your partner a question about the photographs that you have been given and your partner responds with a brief answer.


Following this, the examiner gives your partner two different photographs. Your partner has to talk about them for approximately one minute. When your partner has finished, the examiner asks you a question about your partner’s photographs and you should respond briefly. 


Here are two photographs. They show people on different types of holidays. 


A.     Can you describe the photographs?




Tourist holiday


Useful Language

  • ·         The first/second photograph shows…
  • ·         In the background we can see…
  • ·         At the top/bottom we can see…
  • ·         In the middle of the photograph we can see…
  • ·         On the right/left side we can see…


Not only do you need to describe the photographs briefly, you also need to compare and contrast them. 



B.     Look again at the photographs and using the language below, compare and contrast the holiday settings.


Useful Language

Comparing photographs

  • ·         Both photographs show…
  • ·         I think the common theme is…


Contrasting photographs

  • ·         In contrast, the people in the second photograph…
  • ·         On the other hand, the second photograph looks…
  • ·         Unlike the first photo, the second photo…


The examiner gives you the following instructions. 

‘I’d like you to compare the photographs and what people might find interesting about the different holidays?’.  

(You have approximately 1 minute to carry out this task)


In order to answer the examiner, you will not only need to describe, compare and contrast but you may need to speculate and give personal feelings. Before you try to answer the examiner, complete exercise C. 

C.      Look at the useful language below and decide if the phrases express speculation or feelings

  • I’d love to/hate to…
  • They may/might/could/must…
  • It makes me what to…
  • It wouldn’t suit me
  • Maybe they are…
  • Perhaps they are…
  • The first photo reminds me of…
  • They appear to be…



Personal feelings









Remember to include the following four things in your response:

1.      Describe

2.      Compare & contrast

3.      Speculate

4.      React (Give your opinion)


You have one minute! Start now…..


(Recording 23.1)

D.     Listen to your teacher answer Part 2. Make a note of any useful phrases that you could use in your own response or of anything that you did not mention.





( Video 23.1)


E.      Before you attempt a new task, your teacher is going to give you some advice about how to carry out Part 2. Listen and fill in the gaps. Listen twice if necessary. 


Don’t describe the (1)_____________ in detail. Talk quite generally about it. If you start giving lots of detail, you (2)_____________ to address the main part of the exercise which in this case is what people might find interesting about the different holidays?

You will not have much time to (3)_____________ so it is best to have a structure in mind before you begin. If you start by (4)_____________, then comparing and contrasting, then (5)_____________ and then reacting and answer the questions, you will give a (6)_____________ answer. 

If you make a mistake when describing the pictures or with your English, do not be afraid to (7)_____________ yourself!

Don’t be afraid (8)_____________whilst you compose your response. If you want to gain time, then think of appropriate phrases you can use, for example, ‘well’, ‘hhmmm, let me see’. But remember, you only (9)_____________ so don’t hesitate too much!

If you are unsure of a word in English then explain what the object/thing is and what it is used for. Always try and (10)_____________or phrase for it. Remember, you are not expected to have a complete knowledge of English vocabulary. You are after all, only human!



Exam question

Follow the examiners instructions.  

"Now, here are your photographs. They show people visiting different museums. 

I’d like you to compare the photographs, and say what the people might find interesting about visiting these different museums". (You have 1 minute)

Art museum

Natural history

Which of these museums would you like to visit? (Approximately 20 seconds)



A. Own answer


B. Own answer 




Personal feelings

Perhaps they are…

Maybe they are…

They appear to be…

They may/might/could/must…


The first photo reminds me of…

It wouldn’t suit me

It makes me what to…

I’d love to/hate to…




Recording 23.1

In the first picture, you can see an idyllic beach scene.  In the background, you can see the blue sea and in the front of the picture, you can see two white sun loungers and a beach umbrella.  The scene reminds me of a typical postcard representing paradise.

In the second picture, you can see a popular tourist attraction.  In the background, you can see a long bridge and in the middle of the picture, you can see lots of tourists.  It looks like a nice sunny day as people are wearing sunglasses and hats.

Both photographs show nice weather, but I think the common theme is places to visit on holiday.  Unlike the first photo, the second one shows a busy sightseeing holiday, whereas the first shows a peaceful relaxing holiday.  

I would definitely prefer to go to the first picture for my holiday.   



1.      Whole photo

2.      Won’t have time

3.      To organise your ideas

4.      Describing

5.      Speculating

6.      Complete

7.      Correct

8.      To hesitate

9.      Have a minute

10. Find another word 


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