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Paper 3 (Use of English Exam)

Lesson 16 – Paper 3 (Use of English Exam)

(1 hour 15 minutes) 

Part 1

For questions 1-12, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0). 


A famous writer

Beatrix Potter was a story writer who wrote numerous books about animals. Her books have been translated into many language and are read today by both adults and children. (0)__________ being an author, she was also (1)__________ as a successful farmer. 


Beatrix was born in London in 1866 and was (2)__________ for by various servants in the comfort of her own home. Every year she (3)__________ forward to her yearly holiday in the countryside. When she returned from her holiday, she often (4)__________ to London, small animals which she (5)__________ and drew. As she grew up, so she shared her stories and drawings with young children. Everyone was entertained by Beatrix. In 1901, she was able to print her first books which she did at her own (6)__________. The book was entitled ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’. Due to the number of (7)__________ that were sold, she was then able to buy her own farm. At her own farm, she wrote many other stories. They also sold well because readers loved their (8)__________ drawings.


With her (9)__________ increasing, Beatrix decided to buy more farmland and animals. At the age of 47, she married and it was at this stage in her life that she gave up writing, (10)__________ that she had run out of (11)__________. She devoted her life to being a farmer and (12)__________ the rest of her life looking after sheep. She often awarded prizes at sheep fairs where people asked for her (13)__________ on how to look after sheep.


Today, you can visit her house in the countryside and (14)__________ see her original drawings and stories which are (15)__________ in a special gallery. 


0.      Otherwise / except / apart / besides                                           Besides


1. Judged / regarded / thought / believed

2. Cared / minded / attended / looked

3. Counted / numbered / looked / saw

4. Keep / take / get / give

5. Remarked / noticed / observed / saw

6. Expense / charge /earning / spending

7. Pages / prints / images / copies

8. Complete / particular / detailed / thorough

9. Income / receipt / pay / wages

10.Telling / saying /spending / talking

11. Views / beliefs / ideas / opinions

12. Spent / paid / kept / stayed

13. Statement / advice / mind / suggestion

14. Already / just / yet / even

15. Demonstrated / revealed / opened /displayed



Part 2

For questions 16-30, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

0 = the


The future of education

How prepared are the youths or today for (0)________ future? A lot of adolescents worry about studying at school and at university to gain the necessary qualification for their careers but what (16)________ getting the businesses skills which are needed to make any career a success? Students these days are unaware of how to gain the advantage (17)________ will help them get that dream job. And although some contemplate setting (18)________ their own business in the future, they are not sure of how to go about it.


Many schools in Europe are initiating programmes for their students to help them with the future. These programmes encourage students to take part (19)________ work experience programmes (20)________ attend a series of workshops. They hope to teach their students key business skills and knowledge.  The teachers believe that it is important for learning to be fun and exciting which is (21)________ their programmes are run with a hands-on approach. 


(22)________ participate in a programme, all students need to do is express an interest. If your school does (23)________ offer this type of programme, perhaps you can talk to the head of the school and tell them what other schools are doing to help their students for the future. They (24)________ to know that the future of education is changing and that they must help their students.     




Part 3

For questions 25 – 34, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals after the gap to form a word that fits in the gaps in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).



Good news for Weybridge

Following the unexpected (0)__________ (CLOSE) of the hospital in Weybridge, there was a sharp rise in the (25)__________ (EMPLOY) rate. Luckily, a week later, the local council announced that the (26)__________ (CONSTRUCT) of a new health care facility would begin (27)__________ (SHORT) approximately one mile from the original hospital site. 


The Weybridge county council committee made the (28)__________(ANNOUNCE) yesterday. They said they would start (29)__________(ADVERTISE) for 80 new staff members who are suitably (30)__________ (QUALIFY) for the jobs available. The council also stated that upon completion of the centre, it was their (31)__________ (INTEND) to create a further 40 positions for (32)__________ (RECENT) graduated doctors and nurses. They believe the new health care facility will make a great (33)__________ (IMPROVE) to Weybridge’s image and encourage those in the neighbouring towns to visit the town and (34)__________ (CONSEQUENCE) boost the economy. 


0 = closure




Part 4

For questions 35-42, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. Here is an example (0).


0 You must do exactly what your boss tells you.


You have to ____________ instructions exactly.


The gaps can be filled by the words ‘carry out your boss’s, so you write




Write only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS.



35. Certificates are given at the end of the evening.


Certificate giving ____________ at the end of the evening.



36. Tom went shopping by himself this morning.


Tom went shopping ____________ this morning.



37. It is two years since Claire went to the dentist for a check-up.


Claire ____________ a check-up at the dentist’s for two years.



38. The start of the second match was delayed because the referee was stuck in traffic.


The delay to the start of the second match ____________ the referee being stuck in traffic.



39. My aunt didn’t use to be so bossy.


My aunt is ____________ to be.



40. Time was happy to lend Chris his laptop.


Tim ____________ his laptop to Chris. 



41. Laura regrets arguing with Gemma.


Laura ____________ argued with Gemma.



42. ‘If you wanted to buy the television, you should have asked me first’, said Katie to her husband.


Katie criticised her husband for having ____________ her first. 



This is the end of the exam.

Now check your answers.


Part 1

1.      Regarded

2.      Cared

3.      Looked

4.      Take

5.      Observed

6.      Expense

7.      Copies

8.      Detailed

9.      Income

10. Saying

11. Ideas

12. Spent

13. Advice

14. Even

15. Displayed


Part 2

16. about

17. that

18. up

19. in

20. or

21. why

22. to

23. not

24. need


Part 3

25. Employment

26. Construction

27. Shortly

28. Announcement

29. Advertising

30. Qualified

31. Intention

32. Recently

33. Improvement

34. Consequently

Part 4

35. Takes place

36. On his own

37. Hasn’t had

38. Was caused by

39. Bossier than she used

40. Didn’t mind lending

41. Wishes she had not

42. Bought a television without asking



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