Saying goodbye

Lesson 27 – Saying goodbye




2.- Sarah says goodbye to her house mate Louise



A. True or false? 

1.      Sarah has known Louise for more than four months.

2.      Sarah didn’t go to salsa lessons with Louise.

3.      Louise is hoping to visit Sarah next month. 


3.- Sarah says goodbye to John



4.- Language bank



Make conversations using the Language Bank.


5.- You will notice that there are lots of different ways of saying ‘thank you’. 

C.     Put the following in order.  1 = least polite and 5 = most polite 

·         Cheers

·         I want to thank you for…

·         I would like to thank you for…

·         Thank you

·         Thanks


1 =

2 =

3 =

4 =

5 =


6.- Practice

Role-play the following conversations.

· Sarah saying goodbye to her landlord.

· A passenger saying goodbye to another passenger after getting on really well during a long flight.   


Answers Lessons 25


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