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Travel & holidays


Look at the photos and answer the questions below.


A. Match the types of holidays to the pictures.

Beach holiday Sighteeing holiday
Camping holiday Walking holiday
Sailing holiday Activity holiday

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1) 43
2) 44
3) 45
4) 46
5) 47
6) 48
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B. Which is your favourite type of holiday? Why? (own answer)


C. Which type of holiday do you usually go on? (own answer)



Look at the sentences below about ‘The perfect honeymoon’. Read the text to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, mark A. If it is incorrect, mark B.


The Perfect Honeymoon

Days 1-3

You will fly directly from London to Hong Kong. When you arrive at the airport, there will be a chauffeur waiting for you. He will take you to your 5* hotel. The hotel is located in the centre of the city. In your luxurious hotel, you will find a spa, a top quality Pekinese restaurant and a number of boutique shops.

Hong Kong is a fantastic place to visit as there are so many sights to see. Recommended places to visit: Temple Street Night market, the Big Buddha, the Clock Tower, The peak and many more.

You should visit as many of the sights as you can, as there will be plenty of time to relax later in your honeymoon.




Days 4-7

From Hong Kong, you will fly to Bangkok. Here you will stay in another 5* hotel. The views from your bedroom will show you the famous Chao Praya River which is beautiful at night. Breakfast is included in this hotel and is served from 7-11. The menu is extensive. Guests can choose from European, Chinese or Japanese food.

When in Bangkok, you must visit: the Wat Arun, the Grand Palace, the Old City and Khao San Road.

Bangkok is a vibrant place with a lot of energy. After this, you will definitely need to relax!

Days 8-14

You will be taken by plane to Koi Samui for 7 days of relaxation. The 5* hotel where you will stay is set on the finest sandy beach in the area. The hotel has a number of swimming pools and fine dining restaurants and so all you need to do is relax and enjoy being on one of Thailand’s finest islands.

If you want to carry out any activities then the hotel organises elephant rides, snorkelling adventures and day trips to nearby islands.


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1)The perfect honeymoon lasts three weeks
2)The first part of the honeymoon is relaxing
3)The hotel in Hong Kong is well located
4)You will take a train to Bangkok from Hong Kong
5)The writer describes Bangkok as an energetic place
6)In Koi Samui, there is nothing to do other than relax
7)In the final part of the honeymoon, you don’t have to travel far to eat
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Read the clues and fill in the cross word.


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Grammar – Past simple & past continuous

Past simple.


Utilizamos el pasado simple para acciones, eventos y situaciones que acabaron en el pasado.

  • I went to the cinema yesterday.
  • She called her mum when she got her exam results.

Past continuous.


Utilizamos el pasado continuo para:

1. Describir una acción que estaba en proceso durante un cierto periodo de tiempo.

  • was watching TV at 9pm.
  • We were cooking dinner for one hour yesterday evening.

2. Una actividad que empezó antes de que otra actividad en el pasado se acabó y que continúo hasta o después de la otra actividad.

  • was running when I saw the accident.
  • When he came home, I was doing my homework.

3. Para describir dos actividades que ocurren a la vez en el pasado (en estos casos, se suele usar ‘while’ o ‘and’).

  • was writing a letter while my manager was on the phone.
  • He was drinking tea and I was writing the report.


A. Read the postcard and put the verbs in brackets into the past simple.

Hi James,

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I’m having a great holiday here in France. Yesterday, the family I’m staying with (1) (take) me to Paris for the day. We (2) (leave) the house at six in the morning and the journey was about two hours by car. Paris is amazing. We (3) (visit) the Louvre Museum and we (4) (go) up the Eiffel Tower. The view from the top was spectacular. At lunchtime, we (5) (eat) at a small French restaurant. I (6) (order) onion soup. They told me it’s very traditional. I really (7) (like) it. In the afternoon, we (8) (hire) a small boat and went down the river. I took a lot of pictures. We left Paris in the evening and went back to the house.
Tomorrow the family are taking me to a theme park. I’m so lucky!
See you soon.
Love, Kitty.
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B. Read the newspaper article and put the verb in brackets into the correct tense, past simple or past continuous.


The campsite robbery

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Last week there (1) (be) a robbery at a campsite in the south of England. Three robbers arrived at 4am. A man that saw them said they (2) (wear) black hats on their heads and they had yellow masks over their faces. While two of the robbers were breaking into the camp shop, the other two (3) (try) to steal a car. In the end, they (4) (steal) all of the food in the shop but (5) (leave) the car as they couldn’t find the keys. Police are looking for four young men in the early 20's.
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You will hear a conversation between a man, Miles, and his wife, Sandra, about a place they have just visited.

Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, choose A. If it is not correct, choose B.


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1)Miles had always wanted to go to Koi Samui.
2)The couple could eat fresh seafood every day.
3)Sandra prefers Indian food to Thai food.
4)The food on Koi Samui Island was reasonably priced.
5)Miles and Sandra wanted a relaxing holiday.
6)There weren’t many activities to do on the island.
7)Sandra and Miles are going to return to the island next year.
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Your English teacher has asked you to write a story.

Your story must being with this sentence.

One day last week I was waiting to get on the plane at the airport.


Write your story in about 100 words.


A. What tense is used in the first sentence of the story?


B. Here are some sentences which can follow. Put the verbs into the correct tense.

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I was sitting on a chair near the departure gate when suddenly I (1) (hear) a child scream. The child (2) (be) about three years old and it was clear that he (3) (know/not) where his parents were.
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Now think about the story. Do you have any different ideas? Think carefully about the tenses. Write your story.


Audio script

Sandra: So, what did you think of Koi Samui?

Miles: Mmm …I wasn’t sure if it would like it. When I read about it before I came I thought I thought it wasn’t the place for me, but I’m so glad we came.

Sandra: Oh, good. I’m glad you liked it.

Miles: The people are so friendly there. Every morning, they pay special attention to you and ask you what you plan to do that day. Then there’s the food!

Sandra: It was delicious wasn’t it?! I mean, fresh seafood every day for lunch and well, I just love Thai food.

Miles: I usually prefer Indian food but the food we had in the hotel and at restaurants in the town was really good. It tasted fresh and it was surprisingly cheap. When you ordered the lobster I thought it was going to be so expensive, but it wasn’t!

Sandra: Yes, that was a nice surprise…. One thing I really liked was the amount of activities you could do, if you felt adventurous.

Miles: I agree. We went snorkelling a couple of times as we just wanted to relax but for those that wanted to do more, the hotel had some great little trips.

Sandra: I think if we go back again, we should definitely visit more of the island. Everyone said that the markets are a lot of fun and also the elephant trekking.

Miles: Yes, they did sound a lot of fun. However, if we go back again, I would like to stay on a different part of the island.

Sandra: Yes, we were in the north so maybe the south next time.

Miles: Or even the West. But, I don’t think we’ll be coming back here soon as next year we’re going to India.

Sandra: That’s true and then we hope to go to China.

Miles: We just love travelling!

Sandra: Yes, we do!

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