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The weather


Look at the weather below and answer the questions. (own answer)


  • What’s the weather like in each picture?
  • What weather do you usually have in spring?
  • What weather do you usually have in winter?
  • What is your favourite weather? Why?
  • What is you least favourite weather? Why?



Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

Choose the correct letter A, B, C or D.


Walton on Thames

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Walton on Thames is a small town approximately 17 miles (1) central London. In winter, temperatures stay moderate, around 1-5 degrees and in summer, temperatures can reach 28 degrees.
The town (2) a shopping centre called “The Heart” where you can find shops (3) adults, children and babies. There are two large supermarkets in the area (4) are open from Monday to Sunday from 10am until 8pm.
The town is set (5) the river Thames and so it’s popular with people that enjoy rowing or with those that have a boat. On the river, there are also paths where people can ride their bikes or go for long walks.
There are two traditional British pubs on the river which are popular with the inhabitants of Walton on Thames and also visitors. Although not (6) tourists visit the area in winter, in the summer, it is a popular destination for (7) that love the water or those that love exercising.
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Look at the pictures and find the objects.

Beach umbrella Sand
Canoe Sand castle
Chalet Sea
Chimney Ski jacket
Fence Skis
Helmet Snow
People Swimmer
Rocks Towel


Describe what you can see in each picture.


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Grammar (Present simple & present continuous)

Present simple


Utilizamos el presente simple:

1. Para contar hábitos o cosas que ocurren con frecuencia.

  • I go to the tennis club every Friday.
  • They play computer games most evenings.


2. Con los adverbios ‘always’, ‘never’, ‘usually’, ‘often’ y ‘sometimes’.

  • I never attend lessons at school at the weekend.
  • We often eat fish and chips on Fridays.


3. Para las cosas permanents.

  • I live in London.
  • You have brown eyes.


4. Para contar la verdad.

  • Water boils when it reaches 100 degrees.
  • Butter melts when it gets hot.


State verbs

Los siguientes verbos son ‘state verbs’:

Belong Know Prefer
Hate Like Realise
Have/have got Love Recognise
Hear Mean Remember
See Want  
Understand Wish  


1. Casi siempre usamos los ‘state verbs’ en el presente simple.

  • hate doing my homework.
  • She knows her really well.
  • ‘Manzana’ means ‘apple’ in English.


Present continuous.


Utilizamos el presente continuo:

1. Para expresar lo que está pasando ahora mismo.

  • The train is moving.
  • I’m reading a book.

2. Para situaciones temporáneas.

  • We are renting a house for the weekend.
  • They are making a cake for Carol’s birthday.


A. Fill in the gaps with the verbs in brackets either in the present simple or the present continuous.

Weather diary

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7th May
Today in London it’s approximately 25 degrees. The sun (1) (shine) and there (2) (be/no) any clouds in the sky. Usually this time of year, the temperature (3) (be) 18 degrees and the weather can be really varied.
13th August
Today it’s my birthday. I (4) (be) really unhappy because it (5) (rain) and there are lots of dark grey clouds in the sky. The weather forecast (6) (say) it’s going to rain most of the day so we can’t go to the beach L I (7) (hope) it stops raining later as we’re having a family barbecue.
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B. All of the sentences have one mistake. Correct them.

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1)I living with my brother and sister
2)She have Spanish lessons every week.
3)They eat lunch at the moment.
4)They’re do their homework after school.
5)You’ll recognise her, she wearing a blue dress.
6)You is in college on Thursdays and Fridays.
7)I think he plays tennis right now.
8)Mathew is good at tennis. He winning every game.
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You will hear a scout leader talking to his scouts about a trip they are going to.

For each question, fill in the missing information.


Scouts annual trip to Blackpool

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1)Date of trip: 22nd
2)Number of people going on trip:
3)How the group will travel:
4)What the weather is going to be like:
5)Clothes the group should take:
6)Emergency contact number:
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Write an answer to the question below.

Write your answer in about 100 words.

This is part of a letter you received from an English friend.






So group, everything is now prepared for our annual trip to Blackpool. For those of you joining us, we will be leaving on Saturday 22nd May at 4pm. At the moment, 36 people have paid their deposits. We’re hoping to catch the train on the Saturday morning to travel to Blackpool. The journey should take no longer than three hours. I’ve looked at the anticipated weather and the forecast predicts that it’s going to be raining that weekend so, it’s probably a good idea to bring a raincoat and some boots.

Now, I want you all to take down the emergency contact number which you need to give to your parents. The number is: 07856 378. I repeat 0 7 8 5 6 3 7 8.

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