My small town

1.- Complete the words with a, e, i, o, u.

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1)Stmpy stamp
2)Bks books
3)Mdcn medicine
4)Plstr plaster
5)nvlp envelop
6)Ppr paper
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2.- Where is this? Read and write the places in a town.


image crossword


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3.- Match the words to the actions.

A. Go straight ahead
B. Stop
C. Turn around
D. Turn left
E. Turn right

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1) Turn right
2) Turn left
3) Turn around
4) Go straight ahead
5) Stop
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4.- Look and read. Write yes or no.



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1)The National City Bank has a red roof.
2)There are 2 cars in the bottom left hand corner. One is red and one is green.
3)Next to the National City Bank, there is a big swimming pool.
4)There is a young man wearing a suit sitting in the park.
5)There is a red flag in front of the biggest building in the picture.
6)There are two houses in the picture. The house on the left is brown and white and has two round windows.
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5.- Helen is talking to Jane, a girl she has just met on holiday. What does Jane say?


Read the conversation and choose the best answer. 

A. I live in a house with four bedrooms.
B. I live in a town near London.
C. I think there are around 3000 people.
D. It’s quite small.
E. Yes, I live next to the supermarket.
F. Yes, we’ve got a small supermarket and a baker’s.

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6.- Write answers to the questions.

1. Where do you live?
2. What is your town like?
3. How many people live there?
4. Are there any shops in your town?
5. Do you live near a supermarket?
6. Do you like living in your town?


7.- Read the story.


Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word in the gaps.

You do not need to use all of the words.

Afraid / Evening / Food / Happy / Near / Prepared
Shops / Tent / Visit

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8.- Sandra works at the supermarket in town.

She has to take food to different places in the town. Where does she take each thing?

Listen and write the letters A-H in the gaps.

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9.- Audio Script

I work in the supermarket in town and today, first I’ve got to take some fruit to the local hospital. Then I have to go to the fire station and deliver some pizzas to the firemen. They’re really hungry and so I have to be quick. Then I have to go to my house. I live in the blue house in the centre of town. When I get home, I need to give my mum her medicine. After that, I’m heading to the restaurant in town to give them some meat, for example, i've got some chicken and pork to give them. After that I’m going to the office block in town to give them some bread. Then my last stop is the park. I’m meeting my friend there, and I’m going to give her some chocolates, because today it is her birthday.


10.- Vocabulary

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