Going to a birthday party

1.- Find five months of the year.


IMAG ima


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imag imag1


2.- Match each word to the correct verb




A. a birthday card
B. a party hat
C. a present
D. for a party
E. games
F. ‘Happy Birthday’
G. party food
H. music

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2)Get ready
3)Listen to
8)Write a
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3.- Learn the rules.

Learn the rules


4.- Put the words in the correct box.

Half past two / Winter / 1989 / 7am / January / Midday / Autumn

Midnight / Monday morning / Ten o’clock / The weekend

Quarter to four / Tuesday / 2040

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5.- Write answers to the questions.

Please, use the suggestions in the right column to write your answer:

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1)How many days are there in November?
2)How many days are there in January?
3)What is the date today? 27 July of 2013
4)What date is your birthday? In March 31 1985
5)When is your favourite month? January
6)In what months is spring?
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6.- Read the text. Chose the right word and write it in the gap.




1.- a) is b) are c) am
2.- a) on b) in c) at
3.- a) since b) of c) far
4.- a) on b) a c) some
5.- a) on b) at c) in
6.- a) also b) too c) to
7.- a) leaving b) leaves c) leave
8.- a) his b) their c) her

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7.- Match the subject pronouns to the possessive adjectives.

Their / My / Our / His / Your / Her / Your / Its

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8.- Read the story. Choose a word from the box.




Her / His / In / My / Of / The / The / Your

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This morning I woke up. I went down for my breakfast and nobody was there. Usually, family and I eat breakfast together, but today nobody was the kitchen. I went to my sister´s bedroom and school bag was on the bed but she wasn´t in the room. I went to my brother´s room and television was on but he wasn´t there.
So, I walked towards my parent´s bedroom and door was closed. I opened dor was closed. I opened door and my family shouted "Surprise!" Then they sang "Happy birtday" to me. What a nice birthday surprise!
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9.- Listen and colour and draw.


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10.- Audio Script

In the picture, you can see three hats. The hat at the top on the left has stripes, and the hat at the top on the right has spots. Colour the stripes on the left hat, green. Colour the top of the hat yellow. The hat on the right has pink spots. Colour the spots pink. Colour the top of this hat, blue. The hat at the bottom of the page is orange at the top. Colour the top orange. Next to this hat at the bottom, on the left hand side, there should be another hat, draw a hat.


11.- Vocabulary

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