Louise goes to the doctor´s

1.- Match the words to the pictures

Back / Fingers / Foot / Knee / Wrist

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1) Foot
2) Wrist
3) Back
4) Fingers
5) Knee
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2.- What’s wrong? Match the words to the verbs.


a foota legan arm


a leg / a sore throat / a cough / an arm / a temperature

a foot / a cold / a finger

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3.- Read the text. Choose the right word to complete the gap.




1. having / have / had
2. ask / see / think
3. recovering / recovered / recover
4. is / am / are
5. thinks / thinking / thought

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1)When you want to a doctor, you need to make an appoinment. You can usually see a doctor fom 9 o´clock in the morning to 6 o´clock in the afternoon. When you an appointment, the doctor will you what is wrong with you and you can tell him or her why you are there. The doctor will usually give you some medicine to make you better and once you have taken the medicine you will quickly. Doctors usually friendly people who listen to their patients. If the Doctor you are very ill, he or she will send you to the nearest hospital.]
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4.- Look and complete the sentences with your own words.




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1)There is a young man with dark hair lying in a hospital
2)He is wearng a dressing gown and he doesn´t look very happy.
3)The man lying down has a leg.
4)There is a yellow clock on the wall and it says that it is o´clock
5)The man also has hurt his as he is wearing a bandage around it.
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5.- Look and read. Choose the correct words.

leg / medicine / paper / blue / cat / water

nurse / ambulance driver / eye / waiting room / nine

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1)You come here when you are very ill
2)This person drives people to the hospital
3)You have two of these and you use them to run
4)You wait here to see the nurse or the doctor
5)This number comes after seven
6)You take this when you want to recover from an illness
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6.- Meeting Doctor Taylor

Read the conversation and insert the missing lines.

A. Yes, I do.
B. On Tuesday morning.
C. Thank you, Doctor Taylor!
D. I’ve got a sore throat.
E. What shall I do?
F. Yes, my best friend Sarah is ill.

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7.- Listen and write one or two words in each gap

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1)Where´s Louise?
2)What is she waiting for?
3)What´s wrong?
4)Who´s she with?
5)What time is it?
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8.- Audio Script

Hi dad, it’s Louise. I’m at the hospital and I’m waiting for the doctor. I think I’ve broken my arm and so I need to see the doctor. I’m with mum and just in case you don’t know, it’s five o’clock. We should be home soon. Bye.

9.- Vocabulary

parts of body

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