At home with my family

1.- Write each of the words under him, her or both.

Aunt / Brother / Child / Cousin / Father / Granddaughter
Grandma / Grandpa / Grandson / Husband / Mother
Mr / Mrs / Nephew / Niece / Parent / Person / Sister
Uncle / Wife

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2.- Find nine family members.

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nine family members


3.- Look at the pictures and write the correct letters in the boxes.

A. Grace is painting a picture for her grandma who is in hospital.
B. Peter is doing his homework.
C. Silvia is drinking a cup of tea.
D. The girls are cooking with their mum.
E. Helen is sitting next to a warm fire.
F. Daniel is playing football in the park.

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1) cooking
2) football
3) drinking
4) fire
5) painting
6) doing homework
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4.- Read and find.

Sophie / Ted / Hannah / Grace / Jill

Crackle / Alex / Tom / Louise / Enza

A) Hannah is my cousin. In the picture, she’s wearing a white dress and she’s drinking an orange drink.

B) Crackle is our pet hamster. In the picture, he’s looking for food because he’s hungry.

C) Sophie is my sister. In the picture, she is drinking a chocolate milkshake. She has brown hair.

D) Enza is our pet dog. In the picture, she is yawning because she’s tired. She’s always tired!

E) Alex is my younger brother. In the picture, he’s doing his homework. He’s a good boy.

F) Ted is my grandpa. In the picture, he’s using his mobile phone.


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1) Hannah
2) Alex
3) Sophie
4) Enza
5) Ted
6) Crackle
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5.- Present Continuous

Be + verb + ing


  • I am eating pizza.
  • She is watching television.


Fill in the gaps.

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1)I am (paint) picture for my sister
2)They both drinking water
3)You are (play) football with your friends.
4)She doing her homework.
5)We are (cry) because the film is sad.
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6.- Irregular verbs

Learn them!

  • Sit – Sitting
  • Run – Running


7.- Translate the sentences into Spanish.


  • She is sleeping = Ella está durmiendo

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1) He is walking to the park.
2) They are eating a pizza.
3) We are doing our homework.
4) I am drinking water.
5) You are playing tennis.
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8.- Maria asks her mum about what she is doing today.

What does Maria’s mum say? Read the conversation and choose the best answer.

A. Do you think your brother would like to come?
B. Do you want to come with me this afternoon?
C. I’m going to see Aunt Helen. She’s working today in a cake shop in town.
D. That’s a shame. Well, we’ll go together and eat lots of cakes!
E. Well, this morning I’m going to go shopping. Do you want to come?
F. What about your friend Sophie?

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9.- Read the story. Write 1, 2 or 3 words to complete the sentences about the story.

  • At home with family


tv kid cup


It’s Sunday today and I’m at home with my family. We’ve just had lunch and now my parents are sitting in the living room watching the TV. They are watching a really sad film. I can tell because my mum is crying and my dad looks sad.

My brother Tim is in his bedroom listening to music. He loves pop music and he listens to it every day. When he listens to music he always has it really loud. It can be very annoying.

My sister Lilly is in the kitchen making a cup of tea. She loves tea and usually drinks five cups a day! I don’t like tea, I prefer water.

This evening my dad is working and so my mum is taking me to the local swimming pool so we can go swimming. I love swimming and one day I want to be a professional swimmer and race in the Olympics!


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1)Today it´s
2)Sarah´s family have just and her parents are now watching a film.
3)Sarah´s parents are sitting in the living room watching a
4)Tim is in his bedroom. he loves pop music.
5)Lilly a cup of tea in the kitchen. She loves tea!
6)Thos evening, Sarah is going at her local swimming pool.
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10.- Listen and complete the table.

Escucha la lección

  • Alan’s Family

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1)Alan´s age:
2)Number of brothers and disters:
3)Hair colour of Alan´s brother:
4)Eye colour of Alan´s sister:
5)What Alan does in the evening:
6)What Alan likes to do at the weekend:
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11.- Audio script

My name’s Alan and I’m eight years old. I have a small family. I have one brother and one sister. My sister’s name is Helen and my brother’s name is Robert. My brother Robert has really short blonde hair and Helen has long dark hair. Helen has big blue eyes and Robert has brown eyes.

Every day during the week, I go to school. I like going to school but I don’t like doing the homework! Unfortunately, I get a lot of homework and I have to do homework every evening! When it comes to the weekend, I like playing computer games.

12.- Vocabulary


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