Life events

1.- Introduction to lesson

In today’s lesson, we are going to talk about important life events. Look at the pictures below and describe them in detail. What can you see in each picture?

Which life events are shown in each picture?.

1.1. Match the life events to the corresponding pictures:

First day at school / Wedding / Anniversary / First child /

Retirement / Graduation

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1) Graduation
2) Retirement
3) Wedding
4) First day at school
5) First child
6) Anniversary
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2.- Your turn…

Answer the following questions:

  1. Do you remember your first day at school? If you can, describe it.
  2. Did you go to any weddings last year? Describe it/them in detail.

The following phrases may help you answer the above questions.

  • I remember my first day at school. I was _______ years old and I remember I wore a red and white uniform. The uniform was _______
  • Last year I went to _______ wedding/s. My favourite was my own wedding. I got married in August this year …..


3.- Key vocabulary – Important life events

Bring up your children: educar a los hijos
Get a degree: sacar una carrera
Go to university: ir a la universidad
Have children: tener hijos
Rent or buy a house: alquilar o comprar una casa
Retire: jubilarse
Fall in love: enamorarse
Get a job: conseguir un trabajo
Start work: empezar a trabajar
Move house: mudarse
Get married: casarse
Leave school: dejar el colegio
Get engaged: comprometerse
Get promoted: ascender (en el trabajo)
Start school: empezar el colegio
Leave home: salir de casa
Pass your exams: aprobar los exámenes
Celebrate an anniversary: celebrar un aniversario


3.1. Put the life events from the ‘key vocabulary’ section into the correct categories:

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4.- Teacher talk time

Listen to your teacher talking about the things that she has done.

4.1. Put the following life events in order according to your teachers’ life history.

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1) Get a degree
2) Go to university
3) Rent a house
4) Get engaged
5) Fall in love
6) Get a job
7) Start work
8) Move house
9) Get married
10) Buy a house
11) Leave school
12) Start school
13) Leave home
14) Pass exam
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5.- Listening

Listen to Dominic, a salesman talk about his life.




5.1.- What do the following dates and numbers refer to?

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2)13 years old
4)6 months
5)6 years
7)Last Year
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5.2.- With the help of the tapescript complete the following sentences.

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1)Dominic was born in Bury ago.
2)He playing rugby in .
3)He´s been playing rugby for years.
4)He worked for a drinks company for
5)He left the drinks company ago.
6)He´s been in a serious relationship two years.
7)He´s been married since
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5.3.- Tapescript

I was born in 1976 in a small town near Manchester. The town is called Bury and I went to primary and secondary school there. When I was thirteen, I started playing rugby for the school team and I’ve been playing ever since. I play every Tuesday and Friday evening.

After school I didn’t go to university, I went straight to work. I got my first job in 1994 and I worked for a drinks company. I was in charge of the administration for the company. The job was quite boring really. After 6 months, I got promoted and I joined the company’s sales team. I had to start learning Spanish because I had a lot of Spanish clients so I attended lessons every week. I also went to Spain several times to try and improve my level.

I worked for this company for six years. Then I found another job working for a medical company. This is where I am now. I love the job because I travel a lot and I get to meet lots of interesting people. In 2006, they sent me on a trip around America. It was such a great experience.

Two years ago, I got into a serious relationship with Jessica and we decided to buy a house together. Last year we got married and now we are living a very happy life together.


6.- Grammar point: For, since, ago

6.1.- Fill in the sentences below with either for, since, ago based on the examples.

- I’ve been learning English for 3 years.
- We’ve been playing tennis since 1 o’clock.
- You’ve lived with John since 2003.
- They moved to Barcelona 7 years ago.


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1)We use when talking about a period of time e.g. 6 hours, 7 days, 8 years.
2)We use when talking about the start of a period of time e.g. I've been waiting 2003 for a new job, 7 o´clock.
3)We use when we are talking about a specific quantity of time in the past.
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6.2.- Fill in the gaps with either for, since or ago.

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1)They´ve been married August.
2)She found a job three months
3) last June, Sarah and Tom have been living together.
4)We had a terrible fright three days . We lost the keys to the car.
5)They´ve been playing tennis midday.
6)She suffered from a terrible headache hours.
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7.- Your turn…

Now you have heard your teacher and Dominic talking about their life experiences, it’s your turn.

Talk to us about your life experiences

Don’t forget to use the phrases from the ‘Key Vocabulary’ section and sentences with for, since and ago.

You could start by saying:

- I started primary school in 1986. I stayed there for 6 years. I then went to secondary school...



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