It’s my birthday!

1.- Introduction to course




Hello and welcome to the first lesson of this course. I’m Katie, your teacher and I’m going to try and help you improve your speaking and listening skills in English. Each lesson will contain speaking and listening exercises and some lessons have grammar and pronunciation activities. I hope you learn a lot with this course. So, let’s begin!

Today’s my birthday and I’m not sure what I want to do. Usually I organise a small party at my house and invite some friends and members of my family, but this year I’ve been working a lot and I don’t have time.


2.- Your turn…

Answer the following question out loud in as much detail as possible.

What do you usually do for your birthday?

Useful language: The following phrases might help you answer the question:

  • I usually….
  • Sometimes I…
  • I like to….
  • I don’t plan….
  • Every year I do something different


3.- Listening

A. Listen to the conversation I have with my friend Sam and fill in the gaps. Listen a maximum of two times.



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B. In the following two-syllable words, indicate if the primary stress is on the first or second syllable.

Birthday / Tonight / Chinese / People / Always / Somewhere

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4.- Language Focus: Suggestions and Offers

In the previous listening, Katie and Sam made a few suggestions and offers. Here are the phrases they used. Do the phrases indicate a suggestion or an offer? Put them into the correct category:

Why don’t we go out for dinner?
How about trying somewhere different?
Shall I book a table?
Let’s say 20:30.
I’ll speak to the girls

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5.- Focus on form:

  • Why don’t + subject + bare infinitive: Suggestion
  • How about + gerund: Suggestion
  • Let’s + bare infinitive: Suggestion
  • Shall + subject + bare infinitive: Offer / Suggestion
  • Subject + will + bare infinitive: Offer

6.- Controlled Practice

Reorder the words in these sentences to make either a suggestion or an offer.

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1) night/ to/ shall/ go/ tomorrow/ we/ the/ party?
2) 20:00/ why/ at/ you/ us/ don´t/ meet
3) chicken/ lunch/ let´s/ for/ have
4) help/ party/ we´ll/ the/ you/ organise
5) my/ car/ your/ about/ leaving/ how/ at/ house?
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7.- Free Practice

Respond to the following situations with either a suggestion or an offer.


  • Situation: Your friend has had her car stolen and she can’t get to work.
  • Response: I’ll take you.

1. You are out for dinner and the bill comes.

2. Your friend’s mother has invited you over for dinner and you can’t make the day she suggests.

3. You are going out with your friends and can’t meet them until 21:00.


8.- Focus on intonation


We are now going to focus on the intonation of the following sentences:

Listen and indicate if the speaker’s voice rises or falls at the end of each sentence.

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9.- Practice saying the dialogue out loud. Focus on your pronunciation and intonation!

Sam: Happy Birthday Katie!

Katie: Thanks Sam

Sam: So, what are we going to do tonight? Dinner? Drinks?

Katie: Oh, I don’t really know what I want to do. Maybe I’ll stay at home and have a quiet night in!

Sam: Sorry Katie, you can’t do that! Why don’t we go out for dinner? We could go to that tapas bar you love.

Katie: We always go there. How about trying somewhere different?

Sam: There’s that Chinese restaurant on the High Street. What do you think?

Katie: Let’s go there. I’ve never been there and I love Chinese food.

Sam: Shall I book at table?

Katie: Yeah, why not! Let’s say 20:30.

Sam: How many people shall I book it for?

Katie: I don’t really know. I’ll speak to the girls and see who’s coming.

Sam: Good idea!


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