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Weekly shop

1.- Ginger is going shopping

Listen and answer the questions below.



Today is Friday and I have to go shopping. Every Friday, my mum and I go to the supermarket to buy food. Today we need to buy a lot of things because on Saturday it’s my birthday and I’m having a party!


1.a. Choose the correct answer.

(En todos los ejercicios, para ver la solución hacer click en el texto; doble click vuelve a posición original)

Choose the correct answer.


1.b. Here is Ginger’s shopping list.

Cake / Crisps / Biscuits / Cereal / Milk / Soap
Shampoo / Strawberries / Sausages / Salad

Match the items on the shopping list to the pictures.


Strawberries  Milk  Cereal
1.  2.  3.
Salad  Shampoo  Crisps
4.  5.  6.
Cake  Biscuits  Soap
7.  8.  9.


Match the items on the shopping list to the pictures.


Listen to check you have the correct answers. Listen, repeat & learn!




2.- Numbers 20-100

Before we go to the supermarket, you have to learn some more numbers!
We are now going to look at numbers 20-50.

(Antes de ir al supermercado, tienes que aprender más números! Ahora mismo, vamos a aprender los números del 20-50.)



Listen, repeat & learn!


20 Twenty
21 Twenty one
22 Twenty two
30 Thirty
31 Thirty one
32 Thirty two
40 Forty
50 Fifty




Cuando estás aprendiendo los números en inglés, es muy importante que aprendas los números principales, por ejemplo: 1-10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. Porque a partir de ahí puedes formularlos todos.

35=30+5 = thirty five

46= 40+6 = forty six.


2.a. Write the following numbers.

Write the following numbers.


We are now going to look at numbers 60-100.

Listen, repeat & learn!


60 Sixty
61 Sixty one
62 Sixty two
70 Seventy
71 Seventy one
72 Seventy two
80 Eighty
90 Ninety
100 One hundred


2.b. Write the answer to the following equations in full.

For example: 25 + 30 =twenty five plus thirty equals fifty five



+ plus
- minus
= equals

Write the answer to the following equations in full.


3.- Ginger is at the supermarket in the fruit section


Listen and answer the questions.

Ginger:Hello, excuse me, do you have any strawberries?
Assistant:Yes, of course we do.
Ginger:Can I have a kilo please?
Assistant:Here you are. Would you like anything else?
Ginger:Yes please, can I have half a kilo of tomatoes and one lettuce?
Ginger is now looking for other items on her shopping list.
Ginger:Excuse me, where can I find biscuits and crisps?
Assistant:Here they are! How many packets of biscuits do you want?
Ginger:Thirty five please
Assistant:A lot of biscuits! How many packets of crisps do you want?
Ginger:Fifty eight please.
Assistant:Wow that’s a lot snacks!
Ginger:It’s my birthday on Saturday and I’m having a party!
Assistant:Happy birthday!
Ginger:Thank you!


3.a. How many? (cuantos?)

Answer the questions with the quantities given in the box.

One / Half a kilo (medio kilo) / Thirty five / A kilo (un kilo) / Fifty eight

How many?


3.b. Match the English with the Spanish translation

Aquí tiene
¿Dónde puedo encontrar los / las ______?
¿Tiene algún/a _______?
¿Me puede dar _______?
¿Cuántos ______ quiere?

Match the English with the Spanish translation

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